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VerriBerri – Is Facebook Safe to Use?

In light of recent events, Facebook has got the world wondering how safe our personal information and online data is. Whether it’s simply just your birthday or where you went to school, Facebook knows a lot about you – and so do the third-party app makers and partners in the social network’s systems.

With all the reports of company pages getting hacked, information being stolen and identity theft issues, it leaves us to question how safe Facebook is to use, for both users and companies.

Generally, as a website, Facebook is a pretty safe place. It uses built-in security like Secure Socket Layer (SSL) that encrypts any data transmitted while using Facebook, from login credentials to chat conversations.

Facebook’s servers, where all your data is stored and protected, has its own built-in security protocol. There are anti-intrusion systems in place to prevent hackers from stealing data, as well as anti-virus and anti-spyware programmes to clear the systems and prevent any security threats.

However, Facebook puts user’s privacy in their own hands, allowing people to choose what information they show to different people.

When creating a Facebook profile, and/or a Facebook page for your business, it’s important to adjust the security features to help keep your data protected.

  • Check the App Settings – Facebook’s App settings show all the applications you have allowed to connect with your Facebook account. You can see what data you are providing these apps with and disable anything that might share information. You can also remove apps entirely from your account – even that Farmville App you downloaded seven years ago!
  • Choose the information your friends see – A long-standing feature of Facebook is giving you choice over what information you share with your friends. For example, you can share a photo with your entire friends list or allow friends of friends to see that photo as well. If you want to keep all your information and media private, select the “Friends Only” option in your settings.
  • Download your data – Facebook allows you to download the data you have uploaded in in posts, photos, videos, messages, groups and more. If you’re looking to keep track of what you have posted, it’s a good idea to download your data.

Still unsure about the privacy options Facebook can offer you? Why not get in touch with our content marketing and social media team in Essex who can help secure your business page.


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