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VerriBerri PR Team: The Difference Between Local and National Press

Creating the right impression will secure your business many media opportunities, meaning it’s more important than ever to look just right when reaching out to the press.

Lucky for you, VerriBerri PR and Marketing have a team of PR experts with years of experience targeting and securing leads within local and national press. The content marketing team has asked VerriBerri’s PR team for some of their very best tips when targeting the press and here’s what they told us:

As the name suggests, local press solely focuses on publishing content that is specific to your local area, such as Essex or London. That means your press release must be specific to the local area the publication covers i.e. a new Essex business launch or an event being hosted in London. If you were to send a story unrelated to the area, it probably wouldn’t go down well and this could damage the relationship for any future press releases you carry out.

The best kind of content for local press is offering the press local stats and data from a customer survey and questionnaire. Also, local events work well with local press, as they are targeted and applicable for the audience of the publication. Also, by giving the journalists opportunities to attend an event, they can cover the event in detail and provide images and interviews with their readers.

Unlike local press, the national press is notoriously difficult to secure features and editorials in, but with a good PR team it’s not impossible for your brand to appear in the national newspapers or on TV. Not only is this press particularly difficult to appear in, but also the national papers require you to be proactive AND reactive so you can respond to recent news stories.

If you are pitching a story to the national press, you will need a tailored approach. In order to make the press release different from local press stories, our PR team will write and develop press releases that relate to a wider audience. The team will also make sure the story offers an exclusive look or expert knowledge on a niche subject on an existing or new article.

Are you in need of a team of people who can help your business secure exposure in the media? Why not contact VerriBerri’s PR team on 01376 386850 and see how we can help!

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