VerriBerri restaurant marketing: how to attract new customers

VerriBerri restaurant marketing: how to attract new customers

One industry that is continually looking to attract new customers is the hospitality one. Although having lots of loyal customers is great, getting more people through the door is what will make your business grow – or maybe even allow you to become a chain. However, knowing the best way to do this can be a challenge. Luckily, the VerriBerri team know a lot about hospitality marketing and PR in Essex. Here are our tips for attracting new customers:

Don’t do something as a short-term fix

It can be tempting to think of incentives to bring in new customers quickly, but it’s also important to retain those customers. For example, offering a deal on food or drink for a week is likely to only increase your customer base for a short period of time. Thinking of longer term incentives, such as weekly offers or a set menu during a certain time to attract customers who will come back again.

Make it part of your strategy

When we work with businesses in the hospitality industry, attracting new customers isn’t something we focus on for a day or two and then ignore. Instead, appealing to a wider audience is a constant part of our Essex hospitality PR strategy. Whether that be getting your name in the press and gaining media attention by showing you as an expert who appeals to new people, or showing off how delicious your food and drink is on social media, making the effort to continually attract new customers via a range of platforms will prove successful.

Who is your audience?

When it comes to restaurant marketing, it’s important to know who your target audience is, as then you know where to appeal to them. If it’s millennials who are likely to post about you on Instagram and attract new people that way, or parents who are likely to buy a local magazine and read about your business, it’s essential you know where people hear about you. You can then tailor your marketing to your audience, for example if you’re popular with children, consider how you can get parents on board and encourage them to try your business during the next half term.

If you’d like more information about how VerriBerri’s Essex hospitality marketing and PR team can help your business grow, visit us at our Maldon office or get in touch today on 01376 386850.

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