How to run a successful blog for organic SEO

VerriBerri tips: how to run a successful blog

Last week, VerriBerri proudly received the Bronze award for Best Blog at the Essex Digital Awards. The category recognises those who frequently update their blog with posts that offer true value to their readers.

Here at VerriBerri, Essex marketing and PR agency, blogging is a big part of our strategy, so we were thrilled to be recognised for something that the team work hard at.

Content marketing isn’t only an important strategy for ourselves, but it’s also an essential part of what we do for other businesses. So today, we’re offering our top tips for running a successful blog:

Post frequently

Posting regular blogs will help your business in two ways: it will allow your website to rank on Google as if you frequently post blogs with the right keywords, then when people search those keywords, you’ll appear sooner! Writing high quality blogs with relevant keywords means that we successfully implement organic SEO into your marketing strategy. Posting regularly also shows you are current, it can be a bit off-putting to visit a website that hasn’t been updated in a few months.

Offer useful information

Writing blogs for organic SEO purposes is useful, however the content is also important. Customers won’t be interested in a blog that’s not engaging or doesn’t provide them with any useful information. Remember, your blog doesn’t always have to be about your service or product. By providing useful advice when it comes to business or insider industry knowledge, you will appear as an expert.

Remain relevant

When it comes to marketing, it’s important to stay up to date with trends and the most recent news. If something happens that morning that’s got people talking (such as a major PR stunt or marketing campaign that’s proved successful or received a backlash) get writing about it on your blog. It will show you as relevant and able to keep up with industry news from businesses of all sizes.

Make sure its accurate

Before posting a blog, whether that be for ourselves or another business, we make sure all blogs are accurate and well-written. What you don’t want is another industry expert stumbling across your blog and seeing inaccurate stats and facts. While it might sound simple, having a blog that has perfect spelling and grammar also goes a long way, especially if you are advertising how brilliant you are at content!

For more information about how VerriBerri, Essex marketing and PR agency can help your business grow, contact us today on 01376386850.

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