Visual Content You NEED in Your Marketing Campaigns

Did you know that content with images get 94% more views than content without visuals? You will also find yourself on the receiving end of more social shares on all social media platforms, meaning your content could get up to 35% more shares.

Not only does this show that visual content marketing is important for businesses wanting to raise awareness of their brand but it shows you that information alone cannot form your marketing strategy.

But with over 66% of social media posts containing visual content, how can you make your business’ content stand out? VerriBerri, our Essex Marketing Agency, discuss how to create content that goes miles above everyone else’s.

 Using Infographics

 With only 140 characters it can be hard to sum up everything you want to say about your business’ success in one Tweet, so why not let infographics do the talking?

Infographics are visual designs of data and information, presenting data clearly and quickly to your audience. If designed effectively, infographics are easy to understand for the reader, will catch the eye of your audience and can increase your brand awareness, particularly if they go viral on social media.

 ‘How To’ Videos

 ‘How To’ guides and video tutorials work extremely well if you are a brand with a unique product to be bought, but all businesses can adopt this content marketing technique. For example, a bakery could create short videos about making and decorating cakes to share with their audience.

One third of people on YouTube are searching for ‘How To’ videos – this number is growing dramatically every year, meaning there is a huge audience for you to reach in your next video marketing campaign!

 Personal Photography

 Step away from Stock Photos – and embrace taking your own photos instead! While stock images may be simple and easy to find and will inevitably save you time, taking your own original images and sharing them on your social media will bring your brand to life and help make your business look more personable.

Struggling to create content marketing for your business? At Verri Berri, a Marketing and PR agency Essex, we have a variety of clients in all industries we create visual content for. So who better to create your next content marketing campaign? Give our team at our Essex based office a call on 01376 386850. 




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