Marketing Essex in the snow

Weather based marketing

A typically British blog, inspired by this week’s snow, should the weather affect your marketing strategy?

The weather doesn’t have to be a boring, safe topic of conversation solely to be used on trains and with acquaintances you do not regularly see. It can also make for excellent marketing campaigns. Year on year B2C sales reports show that the weather does directly influence spending behaviours, so clearly there is some room for movement within your campaigns.

It has been said that weather conditions affect over 3 trillion pounds worth worth of business in the private sector annually.  Whilst none of us have the power to manage the weather, we can manage the monetary consequences simply by keeping an eye out for patterns.

It goes without saying that you should try to think outside of the box, so make sure that you take your strategies further than ice cream in the summer and umbrellas in March. Ensure you do not overlook the knock-on effect that weather can have on consumer behaviour.

For example, you know that if it rains over the weekend you are going to have to cancel your plans to take the kids to the park. However, the domino effect has more impact than this. Rain could be the reason that you decide not to go to the supermarket and instead place an order for online delivery. The weather is not an excuse but rather a reason for results. It is because of this you can use previous weather-related results to plan for future occasions in an effort to increase sales.

We, as marketers, have access to 75 years’ worth of climate data which has been cross referenced with sales statistics, allowing us to use this information to our advantage.

Come rain or shine, there are many products you can advertise throughout the year, so try and time them effectively so you can hit your target market at exactly the right time.

If you are looking for help with your marketing strategy, why not contact our award-winning team to find out how we can help?

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