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Why Being in Contact with Your Customers via Social Media is Essential for Restaurants

You’ve got a successful restaurant, bar or café up and running and you’ve got some attractive social media platforms, so it’s more than likely your next step will be to get your business to flourish further. One way to do this is to keep up to date with your customers via social media, whether that is replying to comments, responding to feedback or sharing positive posts made about your business. Generating conversation will also help to make your business look popular and friendly.

Instagram is not only fantastic for posting engaging photos of your food and encouraging others to do the same, but it’s also a place to hear what people are saying about your business. The same goes for Facebook; it’s a platform to easily access reviews and see how many people have said they visited your restaurant. It’s also a very easy place to communicate with your clientele and this is where having effective restaurant marketing can help your business grow even further.

At VerriBerri, we have a lot of experience with hospitality marketing in Essex and we know that businesses grow when they have a good reputation, one way to gain this is by interacting with your customers.

Why is this important?

Reviews and comments left on social media usually occur right after someone has visited your establishment, so whether good or bad, they let you see feedback immediately, meaning you can make changes just as quickly.

Talking with your customers shows you are willing to go the extra mile and that you care about the experience people have when they visit you. If people frequently ask for the return of something that has been taken off the menu or you can see people discussing the baby changing facilities aren’t up to scratch, you can reassure your customers changes will be made and invite them back for another visit.

How can the Essex restaurant marketing team at VerriBerri help you?

Keeping in contact with customers, updating social media and replying to comments might sound all well and good, but it also might sound like something time consuming. It’s easy to fall behind with elements such as this when you’re running every other area of your business.

Our experience with social media means we know how to get your audience engaged and we can increase your interaction with your following by helping you to run all your various accounts. Not only will this send out the right positive message about the nature of your business and maintain customer retention, but it will also show your restaurant as one that cares about being part of the area that its in.

Should you need more information about hospitality marketing in Essex, contact us today on 01376 386850.

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