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Why it is More Important Than Ever to Invest in a Restaurant PR Agency

You have probably noticed that in recent years the restaurant industry has exploded across the UK. London this year has seen the 4thbiggest growth of restaurants opening in 28 years, with 167 new establishments opening in the capital. On the other side of the story, it would seem that the last year has also seen the highest number of independent restaurants to close down in 28 years. This data, from restaurant guide ‘Hardens’, proves the importance of investing in a restaurant PR agency and that in the current market you can close down just as quickly as you open.


Here at VerriBerri, restaurant PR agency, our team have listed some of the reasons restaurant PR is so important and how it can help you keep your business thriving.


Stand out

By investing in a restaurant PR agency, you gain a team of professional public relation experts to make sure that your restaurant’s unique selling point is picked up by your target audience. The team can go as far as getting your establishment featured in industry-relevant or mainstream media. Which not only is cheaper than paying for advertorial pieces it also grows the trust surrounded by the restaurants brand.



One of the best ways to engage with your audience is through social media. A restaurant PR agency will be able to take your social media and refine it, so that the reach and engagement is increased. It is important on social media not to think that this is a platform to sell on. Instead, you need to think that this is a place I can engage with my audience and secure their trust and loyalty.


Consistency throughout the brand

Great PR for restaurants can only be achieved if all channels are running at the same level. For example, you have the positive press in the media about your restaurant, if your audience go online will your website match their expectations? What about your social media platforms? A good restaurant PR agency can help ensure that the brand message is carried on all platforms so that there is a consistency for your audience.


If you need help exposing your restaurant brand to your target audience, then contact the team here at VerriBerri, restaurant PR agency, today on 01376 386850.

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