VerriBerri marketing for your cakery

Why VerriBerri should Market your Cakery

The cake industry is highly competitive, with many cake shops existing in the Essex area. Furthermore, baking cakes is a fairly inexpensive hobby and open to anyone, for this reason your cakery must stand out from the crowd to get ahead of the competition.

VerriBerri’s Social Media Assistance

With this in mind, VerriBerri is in a perfect position to market your cake shop with the high quality services we provide. We deliver social media to a high standard that can perhaps be best utilised for cake bakeries. More specifically there are three channels that can VerriBerri has a wealth of experience in to enhance your online presence dramatically:

  • Facebook – This platform is best utilised to be more professional and informative.
  • Twitter – A more conversational and chatty channel, best used to strike conversations with users and engage in topical content.
  • Instagram – Very relevant for the cake industry, what better platform to showcase your cake art than the fastest growing social media site.

VerriBerri’s Website Capabilities

Another specialist service that our team here at VerriBerri offer is website design, which is again very apt for cakeries. The reason for this is that cake shops must have a tasteful site that reflects the creative cakes that they bake, VerriBerri are more than qualified of designing this. Our website designers have the expert capabilities to build a site that brings a perfect balance between usability and visual appeal, that generates an engaging site. Similarly, our vast experience with graphic design ensures that your website contains captivating visuals and widgets that draw the viewer’s attention to your cakery.

Although an attractive website is of course important, it’s also vital that the site ranks well on Google, as this is often the first port of call when looking for a cake shop online. At VerriBerri, our SEO practises guarantee an improved Google ranking for your website, this could be through our blogging service, which our content writers have a wealth of experience in.

These are just a few of the services VerriBerri could offer to enhance the exposure of your cake shop. Please get in touch, to ensure your online branding is as sweet as the cakes you bake.

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