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Why your Bar needs Social Media Marketing

The truth regarding social media marketing is that with every business implementing social media strategies, you must have it or you’ll get left behind. Social media should be used to turn your followers into customers, so, make sure you implement social media into your marketing approach!

Implementing social media marketing properly

Effective use of social media marketing means informing followers about important information like a new flavour of cocktail on offer, or events regarding your establishment (this could refer to an event in your bar, or an event hosted at your venue). For example, if you have held a hilarious karaoke night or a private booth booking with sparkling champagne, then be sure to post about this! As well as this, you could even share posts regarding relevant luxurious champagne houses so your consumers can associate your venue with such luxury.

Above all else, your customer base are going to want frequent uploads with relevant content, so get in on all the appropriate hashtags in order to reach a wider audience.

Creating the best possible responses

In order to present the best possible customer service, you’re going to want to be on top of the negative comment responses, to avoid this, you may be inclined to pre-formulate any issues customers could have with your bar, such as the worry that your bar won’t have a booth big enough for a large group, however a well-worded post to rectify this would be beneficial.

Not only that, word-of-mouth marketing is great for your bar, and so a good thing to get yourself on would be the ‘check in’ feature on Facebook, to secure a simple yet effective promotion, or even comment on customer’s post and offer them offers for their next visit!

VerriBerri marketing agency Essex could be of help!

VerriBerri digital agency essex suggest using social media to your advantage through posts such as event promotions. If this is too time consuming for your schedule, then our services could be of help:

  • Facebook – VerriBerri digital agency Essex have extensive experience in reference to client posts on Facebook, and have in fact have gained a lot of engagement through this marketing strategy.
  • Twitter – Due to the fact that VerriBerri marketing Essex take care of a variety of customers’ Twitter profile’s, you can ensure that we know our way around customer satisfaction.
  • Instagram – VerriBerri believe that potential customers will be persuaded to consume your products if they think that it looks aesthetically pleasing; we are the dab-hand at aesthetics!

If your bar is in need of social media marketing, then get in contact today!

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