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Work experience at VerriBerri – 24th to 28th July

I started my work experience at VerriBerri PR and Marketing in Essex this week and have been blown away with the opportunities I have been given – just in my first two days.

I came in on Monday with nerves flying high, with the initial expectations of not doing any marketing or PR but just helping with admin or paperwork. I was greeted by the friendly team who have truly immersed me into their work environment and have included me in group discussions and treated me as a fellow employee.

I was worried a close-knit group would view me as an outsider and I would feel excluded but this has not been the case at all! After meeting the team, I expected to be constantly making hot drinks and doing simple menial chores that no one else wanted to do, but I was shown my own desk, given a laptop to work on and was instantly emailed a task. Within an hour of arriving I was helping manage the smaller elements of some of the social media sites of clients that VerriBerri represents, I couldn’t believe the opportunity!

The team is composed of such lovely individuals who are all so talented in their different areas of PR and marketing and who all work so well together. I wasn’t sure what the structure of the office would be, but it’s such an enjoyable place to be with a fun atmosphere, everyone seems to be such good friends, not just colleagues, which creates a lovely environment to be in.

I wanted to come to VerriBerri for my work experience as the marketing and PR work they offer is what I want to do as a career, so having the opportunity to be in a work place of my future desired industry will provide me with the skills necessarily to get into the field. Having done no work experience at all (I’m in year 12 at sixth form doing A-Levels) I was obviously very nervous but having experienced being in a work environment, I now feel more confident which is all thanks to the brilliant team.

Thank you VerriBerri for everything,


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