Luke work experience at our marketing and PR agency

Work experience at VerriBerri: Marketing and PR agency in Essex

At 29 and a stay at home dad with limited free time and no university education, I couldn’t have imagined that a marketing and PR agency would even give me a second look.

Still I sent out an email asking if there were any voluntary positions available at VerriBerri, so I can start the journey of changing career into the marketing industry. The next day I received an email from Sarah, the MD at VerriBerri, inviting me into her establishment for work experience.

I am fortunate enough to say that I am half way through my four weeks at VerriBerri, hospitality marketing and PR agency.

From day one the team have been incredibly welcoming and helpful. My first day I had no idea what to expect. I remember being incredibly nervous and questioning if this was a good idea, the usual emotions when facing the unknown. All these emotions were thrown aside the moment I walked into the office, Sarah greeted me with a friendly smile and introduced me to the team who were equally welcoming.

So far…

Most of my time at VerriBerri so far has been focused around content and social media. The quickest thing I noticed when I started working here was how diverse the week is. One day you are researching and writing content for a company brochure, the next day you are planning social media posts for three or four companies and writing blogs for their websites. This helps to maintain or better their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). I have really enjoyed having to adapt and push myself by writing blogs for the different companies VerriBerri represent. It is a skill that is completely new to me but one I will continue to pursue and learn.

What’s next?

I hope that during the rest of my time here I will learn more about successful blog and content writing, focusing on how it can help companies achieve better SEO. I’m also hoping to learn more about PR side of the business, how to brainstorm pitches, contact various media outlets and write up articles.

My time here so far has boosted my confidence. It has shown me that a career in marketing and PR is the route I want to take and it is obtainable for me with some hard work, practice and help from the professionals.

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