Social Media Agency Essex

Let’s allow one of our Essex agency consultants talk social media today… Our marketing team all like to think we are pretty good at it, but actually, our results PROVE we are pretty amazing. We are ‘tech babies;’ Teens in an era when social media started getting big. We were chatting with our friends on … Read moreSocial Media Agency Essex

AdWords for a small business

Is Google Adwords too complicated for a small Essex business now? Do you remember when Adwords was as simple as a spare five minutes and a shiny credit card? Suddenly you could advertise to millions of people! Ahhhh, The ‘good old days’ of 2000 when pay per click was launched. But is this now too difficult … Read moreAdWords for a small business

Our marketing team talk ‘Twitter Etiquette’

If you are a company using Twitter I am going to assume you have someone who understands WHY you are using social media to market yourself. On that hypothesis, I am also going to assume that self-same person has a strategy in place. No one will follow (for long anyway) the company that shouts ‘look … Read moreOur marketing team talk ‘Twitter Etiquette’

Our Essex based marketing team asks ‘why blog?’

I suspect I may be teaching many of you to suck the proverbial egg; but blogging is good, no, actually, great for your business. Our team all agree that effective blogging is a vital ingredient in your marketing mixture. It encourages engagement with your customers and attracts traffic to your website. We aren’t saying we … Read moreOur Essex based marketing team asks ‘why blog?’

Social Media Marketing Company in Essex

Our Essex based marketing team has a Social Media Manager (although he tends to prefer his given name.) Part of his role ties in rather nicely with our copywriter. Her job is to take information and create content with it. This could be anything from a white paper, to creating a strap line to a … Read moreSocial Media Marketing Company in Essex

Marketing, PR, Essex, London, Kent

Marketing, Public Relations, Freelance, Essex, London, Virtual PA, Kent, Social Media….. My ‘SEO guy’ told me today these are the search terms people use to find us. Well that’s great but it’s a fraction of what we do. For a start we don’t just cover Essex and London; we cover the whole of the UK. In … Read moreMarketing, PR, Essex, London, Kent

Our Essex based marketing consultant Blogs about Blogging!

Today one of our copywriters from the Essex office would like to blog about blogging! Why write a blog? Blogging is beneficial for any website. In a nutshell, adding new content to your website lets search engines know your site is original and current. We experimented recently – we decided not to blog for a … Read moreOur Essex based marketing consultant Blogs about Blogging!

A Great Copywriter in Essex

In this blog, one of our Essex based marketing team would like to talk to you about what makes a good copywriter. Something many people misunderstand when they consider copywriting as a career is they assume all you need are great writing skills. The Three Characteristics of a Good Copywriter: Inquisitiveness. If you do not … Read moreA Great Copywriter in Essex