How to create an effective Press Release.

Before you even begin to write your story you need to ask yourself; does this story have any value? Or does it warrant a release? How do you create an effective press release? It’s a common occurrence that companies publish a press release because they feel they have to, even though there is no true … Read moreHow to create an effective Press Release.

Why marketing takes time

Why does marketing take time? In the world we live in, everybody wants everything NOW, simply because we can. Businesses have made products and services accessible almost whenever we want them, with the use of online shopping and express delivery. We can find out almost anything we need to within seconds thanks to Google.  It … Read moreWhy marketing takes time

Top Tips for LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be a completely free method of marketing yourself and generating business. Over the last year alone we have had an inordinate amount of people tell us that they can’t generate any leads when using LinkedIn. VerriBerri’s response: you’re doing it wrong! So let’s go through some points that will go some way towards … Read moreTop Tips for LinkedIn

Facebook marketing: business or pleasure?

Your Essex business probably needs marketing. Is Facebook right for you? At first glance, Facebook may seem like the ultimate platform for social and casual interactions between family and friends. No place for business, right? We disagree. The cyber wonderland that is Facebook is, in fact, a key tool for marketing your Essex business. Advertising … Read moreFacebook marketing: business or pleasure?

Blogception: SEO your blog.

Why does your blog need SEO? Do you need an answer? Google will have plenty. Maybe you need a service? Bing will show you loads. Society relies on technology at every turn, and it’s time to keep up with it. Everywhere you turn, men are tapping their tablets, and women are clutching their laptop cases. This is … Read moreBlogception: SEO your blog.

Why video marketing makes all the difference.

Have you hopped on board the video marketing train yet? If you haven’t, then what are you waiting for? Here’s a big number that will make you sit up and take notice…1.8 million. Research has shown that a mere 60 seconds of video equates to 1.8 million words in its power to sell your products … Read moreWhy video marketing makes all the difference.

The Marketing Sundae

‘How is marketing anything like a glorious Ice Cream Sundae?’ I hear you ask. Well, marketing is just like ice cream… Sundaes are far more complex than you may appreciate, its just not all ice and cream you know! Firstly, most of the frozen dessert is water, followed by milk and cream, sprinkled with sugar … Read moreThe Marketing Sundae

The importance of Youtube video promotion

Using YouTube video promotion and video marketing is becoming increasingly popular as an effective tool to market businesses. Youtube videos allow your audience to engage with you and feel as though they are having a personal conversation, which gives viewers the feeling that they can trust you. Encouraging this connection is crucial as it makes for a … Read moreThe importance of Youtube video promotion