The Importance of Social Media Part 2

Welcome to Part Two of ‘The Importance of Social Media.’  Today our Essex agency will take you on the second part of our journey. Marketing is different for each and every brand depending on the type of audience you are persuading to buy your product or service. Marketers must follow the social context and culture … Read moreThe Importance of Social Media Part 2

The importance of Social Media Part 1

I’ve often heard Twitter be referred to as ‘Twatter’ especially by my granddad who is under the impression that people go on there to complain about their lives and ‘share pointless escapades about celebrities with absolutely no substance’ (his words not mine). Whilst I can appreciate exactly where he is coming from and I love … Read moreThe importance of Social Media Part 1

Green Marketing

Marketing Goes Green: Concern over the environment has been a prominent issue in our culture for quite some time. It is therefore no surprise that many companies are under scrutiny following recent parliament bills and the uprising support for sustainable laws to be passed by the Centre for International Environmental Law. The use of ‘going … Read moreGreen Marketing

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has become an Internet phenomenon over the past week, with ‘nominations’ ranging from your partners’ mum in her back garden, to Eminem and Rihanna on stage in front of tens of thousands of fans. What, though, has made the fundraiser so popular and what can we learn from it? There’s … Read moreALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Fundraising: how does it benefit your Essex business?

The VerriBerri office team is proud to announce that Heather, Becca and Ciara have been accepted to run the Royal Parks half marathon on the 12th October 2014 on behalf of the Katie Piper Foundation. As well as loving the charity and believing thoroughly in its policies, we know as a marketing and PR team … Read moreFundraising: how does it benefit your Essex business?

Japan, Pop Culture or Traditionalists:

VerriBerri has a number of clients internationally. Our staff bring in expertise and knowledge about the world around them based on the experiences they have had. It has been said by experts with years in the field of marketing that Japanese companies do not understand marketing. Because of that they generally outsource their marketing to … Read moreJapan, Pop Culture or Traditionalists:

Investing like Heineken

News was released this week that Heineken are planning to increase their marketing spend. This is to capitalise on Western European growth. The moves comes after a continued period of investment by Heineken, which has paid dividends, as their sales have increased over the last quarter. Heineken’s marketing has been one directed at humour over … Read moreInvesting like Heineken