National Bad Poetry Day – PR

It’s national bad poetry day and in true fashion we at Verri Berri Marketing have decided to put forth some of our own milk curdling contributions. So sit uncomfortably and prepare to wince as I take you on a literary journey you will want to forget:

Oh PR how glamorous you are, the rushes of the city, the thrill of the chase, liaising with clients until all comes crashing down in your face.
From complex press releases to media grabbing stunts, there are multiple ways to find yourself in a funk.
If handled with care the rewards can be extensive, though users beware because a fault can be expensive.
Oh PR a simple creature you are not, to survive in your shadow you’ve got to be shit hot.
A thick skin is essential and somewhat coincidental as in an ever changing world you stand at the fore, leaving journalist, the public and businesses wanting much more.
An essential tool in making ones name, beginners and experts must all play your game.
Though like the ebb and flow of a great tide once under your spot light it becomes very hard to hide.
So a word to all looking to graduate from PR school, be brave be daring but handle with care, this is one fiery mistress you can’t afford to impair.

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