Fundraising: how does it benefit your Essex business?

The VerriBerri office team is proud to announce that Heather, Becca and Ciara have been accepted to run the Royal Parks half marathon on the 12th October 2014 on behalf of the Katie Piper Foundation. As well as loving the charity and believing thoroughly in its policies, we know as a marketing and PR team that supporting a charity as a company brings nothing but benefits. Supporting a charity earns you a positive reputation, along with brand awareness, social responsibility and a common project within your office- bringing your team together.

Have a think- charities cover a significant amount of attention, both from the media and the general public. Working with a charity allows you to take to social media and other communication platforms, giving you material to tweet and post. All of your fundraising events can be posted and exposed to hundreds or even thousands of followers, crafting a positive impression for your company, along with further advertisement.

If you and your chosen charity decide to work together, they will also give something back to you. A mention on their twitter feed or a link on their website is something that is seen by the masses, and that exposure is something your company would thoroughly benefit from. Imagine a client strolling into your office, and they spot a charity change pot on the table. Instantly, your client’s potential impressions lift, realising you as a caring, friendly company. Not only does working with a charity work on your image externally, but it does internally also.

Have we convinced you yet? Charities and fundraising are a great ingredient to effective marketing, no matter how big or small your company size is. In the meantime, why not sponsor our girls running the half marathon this October? The Katie Piper Foundation was founded by Katie Piper, who is committed to helping others cope with burns and scars following her own horrific experiences. It’s a fantastic cause and we at Verri Berri are proud to support it.

To sponsor us, e-mail us for more information.

Thank you for your generosity!

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