The importance of Social Media Part 1

I’ve often heard Twitter be referred to as ‘Twatter’ especially by my granddad who is under the impression that people go on there to complain about their lives and ‘share pointless escapades about celebrities with absolutely no substance’ (his words not mine).

Whilst I can appreciate exactly where he is coming from and I love him dearly it is easy to see why the older generation could be confused between merely using a social network and using a social network as a tool. Twitter can undoubtedly be filled with garbage, but it is eminent to stress that you build these networks yourself… so what you see, “re-Tweet” and “favourite” is built up entirely by you. This is where we come in. we know how to build these sites up so you can use them as a clever marketing strategy and increase your SEO whilst having a fun and culturally trendy way to market yourself.

Still dubious? Still believe Twitter is for people with far too much time on their hands? Consider this:

49% of people on Twitter “follow” companies, brands and products. 42% of Twitter users actually learn about products which grabs their attention whilst learning. 37% of Twitter users will purchase from a brand they follow. And the average Twitter user follows 5+ businesses.

When you consider that nearly 646 million people use Twitter this could be a very good way to improve your SEO and marketing strategy.

Of course your Twitter has to be fun; no one wants to consistently hear about the deals or products you have to offer because it gets boring. You must make it creative, witty, a little bit inspirational. And granddad, it is not a place to whinge about how “Bob burnt the dinner last night and the oven was all smoky and so the entire night was a disaster” (again, a direct quote)

Because the simple truth is people like to read positive things, just as they like to see and hear positivity in real life. It is a two-way system.

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