How do you become a good boss?

Did you know September is self-improvement month? Being a businessperson, male or female can be very stressful. Everything in life has a positive and negative and I can confidently say that stress is the fly in the business ointment. So how as managers; directors and CEO’s can we improve ourselves in business? My take is … Read moreHow do you become a good boss?

The Netflix Effect: Social Marketing and Television

Last night saw the end to my latest binge-watching season. For a few weeks now, I have dedicated many an evening to Netflix-produced series ‘Orange is the New Black’. The  ‘dramedy’ set in a women’s federal prison has consumed my time and attention entirely and it got me thinking about the effect Netflix has had … Read moreThe Netflix Effect: Social Marketing and Television

What is Content Marketing?

If you have overheard someone mention content marketing and not understood what they meant… then this blog is for you! Content marketing is the technique of writing and distributing interesting, valuable and valuable content intended to attract a well-defined market with the purpose of gaining clients or customers. The important word in that sentence… valuable. … Read moreWhat is Content Marketing?

Why Gimmicky Days are perfect for Marketing Services:

Today is Business Women’s Day and as a woman working in the marketing industry I thought it would be nice to write about ‘gimmicky’ days as a selling point from a marketing service perspective. Sometimes I spend what can feel like hours staring at a screen aimlessly trying to write a blog… so I re-arrange … Read moreWhy Gimmicky Days are perfect for Marketing Services:

YouTubers: The Untapped Marketing Goldmine

When considering celebrity endorsement, many minds instantly think towards television stars, singers, actors and famous personalities. But Youtubers are in fact the new marketing path, with rapidly rising popularity, freedom to video what they choose and millions of subscribers between them all, the wisest of the marketers are looking towards this internet alternative. Take the … Read moreYouTubers: The Untapped Marketing Goldmine

What is right for me? Marketing for New Companies

It’s surprising how many thoughts come to you as you start to drift to sleep. When I was all snuggled up last night in bed it occurred to me that when we market new companies many of them who contact us know they need help with brand recognition and getting their name out there, but … Read moreWhat is right for me? Marketing for New Companies

The Nile Rodgers Brand

This weekend Chic performed a memorable set in front of a capacity crowd at the extravagant festival – Bestival. They were the closing headliners at the festival and performed all of their famous tracks in front of a giant disco ball, which later broke a Guinness World Record. The main man behind Chic is of … Read moreThe Nile Rodgers Brand

The Royal Effect and it’s Impact On Marketing

Following the announcement of the new royal baby, millions of us Brits celebrate the next addition to the royal family. However, the VerriBerri team cogs have been turning, and it’s got us thinking- how strong is the royal effect on our marketing platforms? From Kate’s maternity style to Pippa Middleton’s famous behind, the Windsor-Middleton family … Read moreThe Royal Effect and it’s Impact On Marketing