My name is Sarah and I am a massive geek. I love Sci-Fi, Video Games, WoW and Lego. I also love Comic-Con.

As much as I adore Comic-Con, I feel like it is part of some huge conspiracy where no one is allowed to know about it. Not only is it a secret to the world at large but primarily the world of advertising and marketing; which in my opinion is odd because – if I can be excused from tarring a huge group with a lightsaber (yeah we don’t use brushes) – on the whole most of us are nerds.

I digress… So part of me doesn’t want to tell you about it, because ‘The Con,’ big and crazy as it is, is still below most peoples radar. I want it to stay that way. Please.

From a purely marketing perspective these events all give us a greater understanding of what the top dogs are doing and they provide a platform that we can use to watch others lead, debate and of course… It’s entertainment.

So here are a few reasons why, as a marketer, you should consider doing the same – although to be honest I will be just as happy if you don’t.

1) Comic-Con is a hub of activity, it is pop culture central – and believe you me, when you walk into Comic Con there’s nothing like it: a mix of geek and cool and celebrity and fantasy and thousands and thousands of people all playing the same game, but with different rules. Comic-Con is no longer just for Trekkies, Cosplayers, Steampunks and the hard-core fantasy gaming crowd. It’s a multi-category day that appeals to everyone.

2) It’s worldwide. Starting in 1970 in Southern California, initially it was just a small group of comic, movie, and science fiction fans who pulled together to put on the first comic book convention. Today, It draws fans globally. Each and every year it gets bigger and tickets sell faster. It’s got one captivated audience.

3) Brand integration – there are so many brands in such a small market and everyone is trying to get attention, well you may find Comic-Con is the very place to do just that. We have seen Hyundai design an exclusive model ”Hyundai Elantra Coupe’ which they branded the zombie survival machine and partnered with The Walking Dead to bring maximum exposure. Samsung and Kia have made high profile appearances.

If you feel like you missed out, there’s no need to panic, they get bigger and better every year.

Come find me, I’ll be dressed as Loki and loitering around the Game Of Thrones exhibit.



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