The Netflix Effect: Social Marketing and Television

Last night saw the end to my latest binge-watching season. For a few weeks now, I have dedicated many an evening to Netflix-produced series ‘Orange is the New Black’. The  ‘dramedy’ set in a women’s federal prison has consumed my time and attention entirely and it got me thinking about the effect Netflix has had on our viewing habits and the way people consume media in general.

With Netflix, we are now able to pay a flat-fee and consume as media to our heart’s content. Do we enjoy watching this programming because of the quality of the content or simply because there is so much content available, we will see this as a challenge. Think of an all-you-can-eat buffet; most will see this offer as some sort of contest and leave the restaurant needing a lie-down and indigestion relief.

Social media has become an integral partner to TV-watching since the advent of Netflix and other VOD (video on demand) services. Rarely does a day go by that my Twitter
timeline does not feature references to some of the biggest TV shows of the hour; Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, House of Cards, Breaking Bad and so on. People love talking about the latest events in their favourite TV shows, à la discussing the latest soap events around the office water cooler (how very 90s).

People like to feel involved in crazes and if they aren’t on the latest televisual bandwagon, they risk feeling excluded. This is another way in which social media has shaped the way we consume media. It is now possible for social media to turn a TV show viral in the same way YouTube videos of continue to work their furry way around offices nationwide.

While Netflix moves into the realms of content marketing, using ‘Lilyhammer’, the aforementioned ‘Orange is the New Black’ and it’s flagship show ‘House of Cards’, it has also made use of social media’s power with Netflix Social – allowing users to update their Facebook status and send Tweets directly from the streaming service to allow their friends to comment and other fans to get in contact and discuss their opinions. With the streaming service now boasting over 50 million users, it looks as though the social streaming of media is here to stay.

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