Marketing a New Product or Service

Today’s modern world revolves around how innovative your product or service is. When you hit on a product that breaks the mold the most difficult part can be getting others to understand.
If you have no idea where to begin, I hope this brief guide on marketing a product no one understands helps you.


Education, education, education.

Your first step is to teach your audience what you do. Once you have established who your audience are you need to hand feed them. Provide interesting statistics, facts and images to tech them how your product or service can benefit them. Bear in mind that when selling a drill you don’t sell its features; you sell the fact that it makes the best hole. What can you give them?
Do not assume they have any foreknowledge but at the same time don’t talk down to them.


Put the horse before the cart

Nine times out of ten you are not just selling the product or service but how it works. If your audience does not understand your methodology you will lose them immediately.

As with the above points, providing informative materials, giving talks, blogging and sharing industry news will make people associate your brand with this new area of business, giving you a strong first mover advantage.


Replication, replication, replication

When your service or product has only just launched, ensuring your target audience hear about it time and time again will ensure you create a familiarity that can add trustworthiness, and spark the need to learn more.

Make sure you post blogs online frequently, use social media platforms and send marketing emails.


Keep it cheerful

Comedy is a great way to break the ice, and with new services and products this is imperative.
Lighthearted social media presence or blogs with a decent splash of individuality are not seen as unprofessional anymore – just be classy about it.
Get to grips with stats.

No-one argues with carefully found evidence. Statistics will add integrity to your marketing pitch and add weight to your argument. Ensure you credit any relevant source of information.


Be open minded.

Not everything will work; some avenues require persistence. Establish what will work and stick at it. If it is clear you are wasting your time, adapt your method.


Share the love
Anything new is exciting, so don’t forget to let your enthusiasm sine though. This will without fail rub off on your audience, so don’t hold back on your excitement, let is shine though.


Good luck!


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