Get the most out of email marketing

Ads that go viral due to a marketing ‘fail’ could be interpreted as a triumph. Whether the ‘fail’ was an intentional marketing strategy or a genuine mistake; they have succeeded in their mission, people are talking about it. The same may not be said about email marketing. In today’s day and age, emails can be … Read moreGet the most out of email marketing

Personal PR – Making a name for yourself, for all the RIGHT reasons.

We may think celebrities have it easy. They have more money than they could ever need; they are often attractive, successful and famous. However for some celebrities it is all too much and they end up working so hard that they lose a little control. The pressure of fame can take its toll, and some … Read morePersonal PR – Making a name for yourself, for all the RIGHT reasons.

Offline Marketing

With the tremendous growth in online marketing, SEO and social media, everyone seems to have forgotten about offline marketing. The phrase describes various marketing techniques that do not require the internet, from producing posters and branding to increasing client’s publicity and arranging meetings on their behalf. A real benefit of offline marketing is the vast range … Read moreOffline Marketing

The Benefit of Internal Communications.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that internal communications are a necessity of any company. Day-to-day operations can be much improved with an effective internal communications strategy implemented; which is exactly what our Essex PR agency is offering you, no matter where you are in the UK. It may surprise you to learn … Read moreThe Benefit of Internal Communications.

Search Engine Optimisation Essex

  A website is simply no good without Organic SEO. I equate it to starting up a shop behind the high street. Without signs and A-boards (SEO) no one will know your shop (website) is there so they just won’t visit! But what can you expect from an SEO campaign? One of the most important … Read moreSearch Engine Optimisation Essex

The Importance of Establishing a Unique Selling Point

With so many products now being sold online, since the improvement in technology and the growth of the internet, if your product has a unique selling point you will have much more of an advantage over your competition. A USP is what differentiates your product from its competitors, whether it is the lowest cost, highest … Read moreThe Importance of Establishing a Unique Selling Point

Crisis Management PR company.

Today Sky News has revealed that a cruise ship transporting passengers on a month long getaway has turned into a nightmare for more than 170 on board who have been struck with a norovirus outbreak. This infection is passed from an infected person, contaminated food or drink or by touching tainted surfaces. The kicker… it … Read moreCrisis Management PR company.

PR for Children; lets talk about Frozen.

On the first day of Christmas my parents gave to me, a toy shop in it’s entirety. Okay, it’s a stretch, but few children will have just a few gifts this year. I myself am proud mother to two girls, ages three and four, who want Frozen EVERYTHING! We are already stocking up, (hah) making … Read morePR for Children; lets talk about Frozen.

Our Essex Marketing and PR Agency

So you want to go into Marketing and PR? I cannot even start to explain the amount of people that think marketing and PR (especially PR) is a glamorous industry. They see some romanticised version on TV or in a magazine and actually buy into the hype that all we do all day is flounce … Read moreOur Essex Marketing and PR Agency