Tidal: An Example Of Influencer Marketing

Clearly, being the king of rap isn’t enough for Jay Z anymore. How about focusing on getting a hot, career driven wife? Oh, wait that’s done. So with all the important things conquered, you’d think the man who sold 55 million albums worldwide would have enough to be proud of. But no, Jay Z is now encroaching on Spotify’s turf by launching a new artist-owned streaming service and it’s certainly pressing buttons when it comes to influencer marketing.


But so far it’s got mixed reviews, it seems that everyone was wishing for something more exciting than an entourage of simpering artists being rolled out like sushi on a conveyor belt.  But the vast majority of negative reviews stem from what’s left in our pockets (there’s no free tier and you won’t get much change from £20.00 a month if you’re using Tidal).  Compared to Spotify premium, the upgraded version without ads, it’s double the amount, so your yearly fees will amount to roughly £240.00- the cost of my car insurance, or a big night out, depending when your priorities lie.


It seems that maybe the price tag was just an appetiser of how much Tidal can irritate us all, because since the peculiar launch video aired more have reached the conclusion to shun the musical revolution. A four minute clip of Alicia Keys promoting Tidal became tedious quite quickly to lots of viewers, not to mention the signing of, what could only been interpreted as some hip-hop version of the Declaration of Independence, left audiences silent (through maybe awkwardness, shock, or just sleep). 


When it comes to influencer marketing, studies show that it can generate double the sales of paid advertising and the retention rate of these customers if 37% higher. Regardless of the quality of service, we should never underestimate the power of the music mogul behind the megaphone. The sheer influence that music, sports, and acting sensations have over everyday consumers can be overwhelming and Dr Dre who popped his influential marketing cherry with his Beats headphones can testify to this.


So what are the improvements to be reaped from signing up with Tidal? Apparently, listeners will have exclusivity to new tracks before anyone else and it is certainly artist owned (they have the scroll to prove it). But should we care who owns it and who it helps? Well, one things for certain, it may not assist the smaller artists, struggling to break through in a world where CD’s have no longer have a footing and it’s all about the downloads. Beyoncé says ‘It’s for the people, by the people’, but it’s not, it’s for global superstars, paid for by us and the profits are not evenly distributed.


So with some $56m splashed out on the project by Jay-Z alone, will Tidal- the streaming service with a ‘higher moral purpose’, leapfrog Spotify? In truth, we will have to wait to see just how effective this influential marketing is. Click here for more exciting blog posts.