Royal baby Number 2: How influencer marketing affects us

Yes the due date is tomorrow… but if you’re like me and find the royal baby coverage a bit boring- I’m sorry, but there’s method in the madness and it’s not another crazy ‘Kate’s gone into labour’ story but more about influencer marketing.

There’s more of a point to this article, in the fact that whenever something new happens with the British Monastery our economy is affected. This usually transpires in the form of an onslaught of tourism or an influx of sales. AKA-influencer marketing. Although, experts have cautioned that trades are set to be a £70m washout, if the new royal baby is a boy…

Prince George’s birth generated a £247m splurge in spending, and between July and August 2013, £70m alone was splashed on just souvenirs. I’m suspicious that my Nan may have made up at least 50% of the total. Even still, the predicted 60-70 million pounds can hardly be called a ‘flop, but in comparison to George’s loot, it is admittedly a little shabby. However, if the baby is a girl, it’s expected to make more of an impact on the market.

Professor Joshua Bamfield, director of the Centre for Retail states that:

‘It’s not so much of a major event when you have another baby’. ‘I think it will have an impact on the sales of prosecco and champagne and cake but not much more than that.’

Never the less, multitudes of companies are shining up their souvenirs ready for sale when the next tot arrives. Leading the brigade is the Royal Mint. They have released ideas for a commemorative £5 coin and Emma Bridgewater has designed a special mug for the upcoming baby.

Professor Bamfield suspects that the long-term influence on retail may be more noteworthy than the preliminary burst.

‘When the baby has a certain sweater on, everybody will want to buy that’. This is exactly the influencer marketing effect that we see on a weekly basis when it comes to Prince George.

He goes on to say. ‘The impact of the baby is going to be over a longer period, particularly if it’s a girl. [It will be about] the equipment they use, her clothes, her toys.’

So influencer marketing is out in force again but do you really care? No, not unless you’re a die-hard royalist interested in copying anything and everything baby-wise, or you’ve got a memorabilia shop- because then you’re quids in.

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