Breaking Bad, and how a PR company could have turned it all around.

Very few people haven’t heard about Breaking Bad, how successful it was, and how many awards it’s won. So let’s take a look at how Walter and Jesse could have helped themselves AND their business even more by enrolling the help of a PR company.

Before any die-hard Breaking Bad fans pass out through scoffing at this blog please know that this isn’t a useless example. Walter White and his apprentice Pinkman made enough money to make, well, more meth, but a PR company would have allowed things to run much smoother. Disclaimer: we wouldn’t.

Lest we forget, my box-set buddies, that it took the duo FIVE stressful series to get rich and a whole lot of trouble to get there. The proof was eventually in the pudding, or in this case, the mobile meth lab.

Jesse and Walter spent too much time with their hands on approach. They had a great supply of their product but no way to move it. Walter knows his chemistry, but he bypassed an essential ingredient in their business plan: public relations and marketing. They could have spent less time dodging gangsters or clueless DEA Agents if they we’re well connected via good PR.

Let’s look at our main character Walter White. Once his beloved wife Skylar came around to his way of thinking things really started to pick up. With Skylar on board Walter had back up, support, and a face to his almost legit carwash company. He was able to carry on doing what he did best. Meanwhile she made sure the business looked good- reminiscent of a PR agency. Eventually, Mr White told his wife (and us) “I am the danger” this, of course, translates as; “I am in a strategically strong position and the competition are falling behind at a steady pace”.  That’s a win, which may have been impossible without her public relations expertise.

Meanwhile, Jesse suffered with his own demons. Between working with Walter and handling their reputation on the street. He was finding things tough. When you start taking work home with you, it’s inevitable that the work to play ratio quickly becomes one sided. He needed help and he needed it fast. Help for Jesse appeared in the form of a group of ex addicts to help him recover. They didn’t judge, they didn’t allow him to sink into deeper trouble and they backed him up, like any good PR Company would by using crisis management techniques.

Drug lord, Guss Fring, was a man who understood business inside out and so he hired a man who did not mess around where reputation was concerned, his PR was ran buy Mike. Mike was an undisputed force to be reckoned with, he was reliable, loyal and got the job done; which is everything we at VerriBerri offer to our clients (minus the cold stare, unless you ask us to).

Verriberri Marketing and PR pride ourselves on how much support we can give your business, allowing you to focus on what you want to do. Don’t drag the struggle out for five long series (even the writers went on strike) get help with your marketing and PR today.

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