The Women Behind The Political Leaders

There’s a public relations power struggle, but it’s not another round of Miliband VS Cameron verbal fisticuffs. This is instead the wives, putting their polished pumps forward and doing a marathon of media legwork from behind the scenes.

As the Election Day draws closer, it’s a busy week for the first ladies of British politics and in less than a day, we will be marking down our vote, and eagerly awaiting for the reveal of the next leader of the UK government.

So if you still can’t make up your mind, guess who might be lurking in the shadows to sway you? A wife of course. Behind every man is a good woman, or so the saying goes, but don’t get too invested as its just another form of influencer marketing and PR for business.

Political partners are often seen as ‘secret weapons’ when it comes to pumping the campaign full of new energy and are seemingly wheeled out at key times when a crusade starts to slump. They are the PR for individuals- just watch the Netflix favourite ‘House of Cards’ for a perfect portrayal a husband/wife combo clambering to the top.

Across the pond Michelle Obama continually proves to be an integral piece to Barack’s success- she shows a ‘real’ side to her husband and voters seem to punt for the family as a whole. Mrs O has a knack for public speaking and relating to the community whilst really rocking a cardigan- if such a thing is possible. Sam Cam recently spoke to Grazia magazine about how she tries to not put ‘her foot in it’ whilst living under the scrupulous light of the media. Gosh she’s so relatable…it’s a tough gig.

Nick Cleggs wife is the only one to have kept her maiden name. Although she has Spanish heritage she has firmly secured her life in the UK, which means that she can separate herself more than the others and appears less twee. Between the spotlight, a job as a solicitor and three children she’s also found time to run a successful food blog and seems to be the most relatable. On the other end of the spectrum with a few fashion blunders under the belt and an awkward nearly kiss with Husband Ed Miliband, sits wife Justine who’s still a novice when it comes to drumming up support.
For the reported 40% of undecided voters the political wives play a key part in reigning in the marks. You don’t need a PR company when you’ve got a partner in crime, prepared to say whatever she has to for you to secure a seat.

If you’re not running for office (or whatever the UK equivalent is) but still need a dedicated public relations team behind you then please contact our public relations agency in Essex today. We may not wear tweed suit dresses, although I’m not sure what goes on behind closed doors, but we’re just as passionate.

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