Adapting for Digital Marketing

Adapting for Digital Marketing

Just today, news broke that Thomas Cook have appointed Chris Chalmers; the digital marketing director of Asda; as the travel agent’s UK marketing and e-commerce director. This most definitely signals a sign of the times, with organisations, including ones the size and stature of Thomas Cook, having to adapt to the ever-changing digital environment. In this instance, Thomas Cook were perhaps forced to adjust their e-commerce strategy as consumer preferences are changing. With holiday research and bookings taking place more online, compared to in-store activities.

The growth of e-commerce and the decline of physical store attendance is no surprise nowadays. Whilst the importance of adapting to a more digital savvy approach is of course not isolated within the travel agents industry. This therefore begs the question, if large conglomerates such as Thomas Cook are taking action to adapt their digital marketing strategy, then why shouldn’t you?

One reason for not introducing a more digital approach is that many companies are unwilling to change their organisational structure or introduce expensive personnel to accommodate a more innovative online marketing approach, similar to Thomas Cook. However this is where VerriBerri comes in. As a marketing and PR agency you can outsource all your digital needs to us; without having to carry out a staff overhaul or introduce an expensive full-time staff member.

You can expect the highest quality of work to be carried out; whilst the vast array of services VerriBerri provide ensure that we can find a solution to any complications you may have. From social media; to website design; and everything in between; we guarantee that your businesses performance on and offline will be enhanced no end. We also offer both PR and marketing strategies to ensure you reach your long-term vision with a carefully formulated and innovative plan; something that Thomas Cook would wish to implement.

So if you are looking to adjust your e-commerce and online performance; you don’t have to undertake an expensive and time-consuming staff shape up, like Thomas Cook have. Instead get in touch with the VerriBerri team, as our professional service will maximise your online presence without any impediments.

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