Local Promotion for your Indian Restaurant

Indian restaurants must utilise local promotion

Around the UK, Indian restaurants are often considered part of the local community. Whether you fancy treating yourself for a weekend takeaway, or even perhaps a cheeky midweek treat, Indian restaurants are now easily accessible and have a clear association with British culture and locals nationwide. Like most businesses or restaurants, customers tend to stay … Read moreLocal Promotion for your Indian Restaurant

Indian Restaurants – Online Reputation Management

Online reputation is important for Indian restaurants.

Indian restaurants are a staple of any high street across the UK. It’s popular to have a takeaway on the weekend, but the growth of dine in restaurants has grown dramatically over the years. In a busy town, you’ll struggle to find an Indian restaurant not full on a Saturday night. Negative Implications can Arise. … Read moreIndian Restaurants – Online Reputation Management

PR is Essential for Indian Restaurants

PR is necessary for an Indian restaurant

Last week we showed the importance of marketing for Indian restaurants and how it can be beneficial for getting ahead of the competition. However there is more that can be done to enhance the exposure of your Indian eatery, and PR is one of the most effective methods there is. Why is PR so Important … Read morePR is Essential for Indian Restaurants

The Great British Bake Off

great british bake off is returning and it's marketing is something to behold

Today The Great British Bake Off returns to our screens. The hype is monumental. This is likely due to the show being broadcast on Channel 4 with new presenters and a new judge. Expensive Promotion. Although the programme speaks for itself, due to a continuous improvements, marketing is still a necessary tool and this year is … Read moreThe Great British Bake Off

The Olympics and Marketing: What Do They Have in Common?

The Olympics and Marketing

Okay, we know what you’re thinking – the Olympics and marketing couldn’t be further apart! One is about the physically elite and the other is a bunch of social media whizzs sitting in an office talking about The Great British Bake Off. Despite our main differences, if you look closely there are a few things … Read moreThe Olympics and Marketing: What Do They Have in Common?

Why Marketing is Essential for Indian Restaurants

Marketing is essential for Indian restaurants.

We’ve established in recent weeks the importance of marketing for hospitality events and restaurants in general. However, perhaps a restaurant that would yield the greatest rewards from marketing is an Indian restaurant. If you go anywhere in the UK nowadays you’ll find a host of Indian restaurants on every high street, this shows just how … Read moreWhy Marketing is Essential for Indian Restaurants

Notting Hill Carnival

Some companies need marketing as they can't be as popular as notting hill carnival

It’s that time of year where West London streets are buzzing with people and the festival spirit. Notting Hill Carnival. With food, music, and positive vibes it is a spectacle not to be missed, with around 2 million people coming for a long weekend celebration. Notting Hill Carnival’s Reputation. People come together in support of … Read moreNotting Hill Carnival

Restaurants – Be Smart with your Marketing

Smaller restaurants can't compete with above the line marketing, smarter marketing must be instilled.

On the face of it, marketing your restaurant in order to appeal to customers should be a simple task. Each restaurant in the UK offers a different experience, be it quality food, friendly service or even a USP like being underwater. (Yes they do really exist!). Expensive Marketing. You’ll see plenty of adverts promoting food and … Read moreRestaurants – Be Smart with your Marketing

Restaurants – Enough Time for Marketing?

Restaurants are under constant pressure so it's easy to see why marketing is often not possible

There is no escaping the amount of work that goes into setting up and then running a restaurant. Before you even begin to dream about running a successful establishment, you must have an appropriate location, welcoming interior, friendly service and a range of food and drink in place. Even when all of this is set … Read moreRestaurants – Enough Time for Marketing?