The Importance of Food and Drink PR

The importance of food and drink PR

Public relations is inarguably one of the most cost-effective and positive methods of marketing your restaurant. There have been many creative and successful food PR stunts. For example, in 2015 Snickers sent a box of their products to Jeremy Clarkson after the BBC incident, with a note that stated their famous tagline “You’re not you … Read moreThe Importance of Food and Drink PR

Why Hotels need Email Marketing

Hotels are in a good position to utilise marketing and PR

When it comes to utilising email marketing it is a fine line between success and failure. It cannot be denied that some firms are better-suited to email marketing whilst others may find it an almost ‘tacky’ method of building exposure. Businesses that feel their products or services speak for themselves are less likely to reach … Read moreWhy Hotels need Email Marketing

Public Relations for Hotels

PR is vital for hotel establishments

VerriBerri pride ourselves on our award-winning service. Our PR benefits a host of businesses in a wide range of industries, but when you encounter a highly competitive industry, such as the hotel market, we believe our online PR service will prove extremely valuable. Why PR is so Important for Hotels. Hotels may not always realise … Read morePublic Relations for Hotels

Protecting your Brand’s Reputation

Uber look as if their license will be revoked in London

One of the biggest news stories from last week was that Uber has had its operating license revoked in London. Transport for London (TfL) slammed the transport firm for not being “fit and proper” and showing a lack of “corporate responsibility”. Has Uber been Incompetent? This is no big surprise, as Uber has come under … Read moreProtecting your Brand’s Reputation

Hotels – Getting Ready for the Weekend

Get your hotel ready for the weekend

Hotels are used all year round, with midweek visits taking place largely due to business ventures or overnight stays. However, it cannot be denied that weekends are when hotel usage is at its highest point and you can see why. The Hotel Industry is Competitive. As a hotel owner, you will receive more customers at … Read moreHotels – Getting Ready for the Weekend

How to Challenge Against Competitors

HTC and Google combining spells danger for iPhones

Last week we reviewed the strategy surrounding the iPhone X’s release next month and how its high-end pricing can play into Apple’s hands, as they are positioning the smartphone in the premium end of the market. Pressure has therefore been applied to Samsung to compete with Apple to introduce a comparable phone, as it appears … Read moreHow to Challenge Against Competitors

Social Media for Hotels

Social media is vital for hotels

The importance of social media cannot be understated. Many firms often consider social media as being their virtual ‘store-front’ rather than a website, that just shows the extent of social media’s importance in the last five years. For industries that are customer-focused and therefore rely on positive rapports with the public, such as hotels, social … Read moreSocial Media for Hotels

Increasing the Exposure of your Hotel

online pr and marketing is vital for hotels

Hotels represent a very competitive market. Hotels are popular worldwide, from weekends away to those needing accommodation for a business trip. It’s safe to say there will always be demand for hotels. Stiff Competition for Hotels. This level of competition has intensified through the introduction of Airbnb and similar sites that allow users to rent … Read moreIncreasing the Exposure of your Hotel

Sustainable Marketing

After Nespresso's sustainable marketing campaign, all firms should be socially responsible.

The increased use of ‘sustainability’ in marketing campaigns is becoming more and more popular. Of late, one campaign which has had everyone talking is Nespresso’s “first above-the-line” campaign. Nespresso’s Campaign. Nespresso’s ‘the choices we make’ advert features a 60-second film that focuses specifically on Nespresso building a community mill in Columbia. This mill has saved … Read moreSustainable Marketing

How Can Video Marketing Benefit You?

How video marketing can benefit your business.

If your company is anything like ours, you will be constantly trying to find new ways to market your services to ensure you’re always on top of your game. Here are 5 reasons why video marketing can significantly enhance your lead generation: 1. Increase in Conversions and Sales According to a recent study, simply having … Read moreHow Can Video Marketing Benefit You?