Social Media for Hotels

Social Media for Hotels

The importance of social media cannot be understated. Many firms often consider social media as being their virtual ‘store-front’ rather than a website, that just shows the extent of social media’s importance in the last five years. For industries that are customer-focused and therefore rely on positive rapports with the public, such as hotels, social media provides a perfect platform to communicate with the public.

Customer care is Important

With everyone nowadays having access to social media from phones or computers, there is also a growing risk that businesses are susceptible to instant criticism from unhappy customers, which of course can spread quickly through the ‘sharing’ nature of social media (especially Twitter and Facebook). For hotels, where the rooms and food quality are often scrutinised, having a response to unpleasant reviews on social media is essential.

This leads onto an aspect of social media that we at VerriBerri firmly believe in and that’s having a customer service feature implemented into your strategy. By this, we don’t mean starting a separate account that deals with customer enquiries solely, as this is usually only fit for large conglomerates. Instead, a more sensitive approach to dealing with customer queries should be adopted, to ensure your customer relationship management is seen in a positive light.

VerriBerri Marketing Agency Essex – Experience with Social Media

Looking at the three most suitable platforms for your hotel, we at VerriBerri show what we can do for your social media strategy:

  • Facebook – A channel best utilised to be informative but also interesting. Our team’s expertise in adopting a more interactive strategy, through using videos and images, guarantees that content for your hotel is shareworthy.
  • Twitter – A more chatty and conversational strategy is best introduced here. This doesn’t necessarily mean an informal approach, but it gives an opportunity to respond to queries about your hotel in a more friendly and casual approach. With ‘retweets’ being a key feature of Twitter, VerriBerri can grow your hotel brand in the local community with engaging content.
  • Instagram – People take a lot of care researching hotels and the quality of food and accommodation on offer. Instagram, with it being a platform that highlights beauty, is the perfect channel to come across as elegant. Our experience of utilising hashtags and sophisticated images is pivotal here.

Social media is essential for almost all businesses these days and it is no different for hotels. Get in touch today to find out how our marketing agency Essex can help your hotel to grow through different social media platforms.

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