Why Hotels need Email Marketing

Why Hotels need Email Marketing

When it comes to utilising email marketing it is a fine line between success and failure. It cannot be denied that some firms are better-suited to email marketing whilst others may find it an almost ‘tacky’ method of building exposure.

Businesses that feel their products or services speak for themselves are less likely to reach out through newsletters. Take The Ritz for example, with it being such a classy establishment you can’t imagine them sending an email campaign showcasing their new ‘buy one get one free’ offer.

Email Newsletters are Perfect for Hotels

On the flip side however, there are many businesses (in fact a vast a majority of firms) that would find email marketing beneficial to their company and, here at VerriBerri, we think hotel establishments fall into this category. With it being such a saturated industry, particularly in the Essex region, getting ahead of the competition is essential and, with many people booking hotels from their computer or phone, it makes sense to target them on their PC or mobile through newsletters.

VerriBerri’s Email Marketing Service

As with most things related to marketing and PR, there is an element of risk concerning email marketing. One such risk is the content being regarded as spam and your campaign therefore being dismissed. With this in mind, an experienced team of email newsletter designers may be better suited to curate your email marketing campaign. If this is the case, then VerriBerri are the agency for your hotel, here are some things we can do for you:

  • Engaging content – Our well-practised team of copywriters know what it takes to create content that will grab the reader’s attention. Our team of graduates and experienced professionals will guarantee that your hotel will come across as professional but still provide that friendly touch.
  • Captivating graphics – An email newsletter needs to look exciting if it is going to be noticed, our dedicated graphic designers at VerriBerri have the knowhow to create original and appealing visuals so your newsletter doesn’t only read well, but has the graphics to match.
  • Suitable campaign list – It’s no use sending an attractive newsletter to a database of users who are not based in the local Essex or London areas. VerriBerri will instead provide plenty of research to ensure your newsletter is targeting a specific market that will be interested in your hotel.

A compelling newsletter is a fantastic marketing tool if handled correctly and when you utilise email marketing with the hotel industry then you know this is a recipe for success. If you need a marketing agency in Essex to guarantee conversions from newsletters, then look no further than VerriBerri marketing Essex!

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