Boutique Blogging

blogging for boutiques is necessary to enhance exposure.

Building a rapport with customers and telling them a ‘story’ surrounding your brand is important to allow them to identify with your boutique. Of course, this identification with a brand will therefore lead to more visitors to your store, which should naturally lead to more sales. Sharing a story with consumers is difficult to achieve … Read moreBoutique Blogging

Social Media for Boutiques

social media is useful for boutiques

Social media is perhaps the primary marketing tool that firms now adopt in the 21st century. With the inexpensive and considerable reach, social media marketing is something that you simply can’t do without. Is social media always appropriate? There is a debate that certain businesses are better suited to social media than others. For example, … Read moreSocial Media for Boutiques

Marketing for your Boutique

marketing is necessary for boutiques

Yesterday we wrote a blog about how PR is the perfect method to enhance your boutique’s profile. This is by by targeting mainstream publications and broadcasting your store to a wider audience. If you want your boutique to achieve even greater exposure, then marketing tools should also be considered. Targeted marketing. Marketing is ideal for … Read moreMarketing for your Boutique

Adding Christmas Sparkle to Your Festive Marketing Campaign

PR Agency Essex

For many, Christmas should be the most wonderful time of the year, but as a business owner, it is beyond stressful! From your customer service team being bombarded with messages to the competition from other businesses of all sizes at this time of year; if your brand doesn’t stand out you’re going to lose out … Read moreAdding Christmas Sparkle to Your Festive Marketing Campaign

Boosting your Boutique’s Presence

Essex boutiques need more exposure

When you think of boutiques you conjure an image of ‘luxurious’ and ‘fashionable’. Although this is largely true of any successful boutique, it can be difficult to reach this level due to the unstable nature of small businesses. Things are also made considerably more difficult when you are up against high street chains. As such, … Read moreBoosting your Boutique’s Presence

Ethical Marketing

socially responsible marketing

With regulations surrounding industry standards and advertising boundaries, ensuring your advertising is ethically sound is vital. In a world where negative press can tarnish your reputation in an instant, finding the balance between humorous and captivating promotion and morally correct advertising can be difficult. Worth the gamble? Over the weekend a story related to socially … Read moreEthical Marketing

Now’s the Time for Kids PR

With half term around the corner, kids PR should be implemented.

The amount of money in the UK that is generated through kids’ brands is astronomical. For children aged between 0-5 plenty of money is invested, due to them needing a new item of clothing every few months! Although parental involvement through purchasing decisions declines over time, the attention to children’s brands is still high. As … Read moreNow’s the Time for Kids PR