Adapting to Video Advertising

Adapting to Video Advertising

Over the lifetime of mass media advertising, marketing methods have changed dramatically. For example with ad regulations changing, as have the boundaries of advertising, certain marketing messages that were part and parcel in the 70s would now be unsuitable in today’s day and age. With rapid advancements in technology, this had led to incredible growth in digital marketing tools, one of which has seen astonishing development in 2017.

Video advertising on the up

Video is the fastest growing digital ad format and for the first time in the UK, its spend has now surpassed banner ad spend. In the first half of 2017 alone, advertisers spent a whopping £699m on video promotion, which represents a 46% year-on-year increase, in contrast banner ads rose by just under 2%. This monumental rise in video ads has meant that it now accounts for 35% of digital promotional spend and you can only see it growing.

What’s the reason?

It begs the question, ‘why have we seen such an astronomical growth in video ad spend?’ Well it is no surprise that this growth also correlates with a continuous increase in social media usage in the UK. With so many people using social media, a platform that utilises video advertising, marketers have primarily focused their spend on this market.

What this means for you?

This news means two things for your business:

  • You should be looking to invest more in video ads.
  • Social media is a vital tool for marketing to the masses.

Though social media marketing is something that most businesses now implement, video ads can be very difficult to create a high standard of, with the extensive technological knowhow that is required.

VerriBerri marketing agency Essex’s dynamic team

We at VerriBerri marketing Essex pride ourselves on our team possessing different qualities. You’ll be glad to know that we have dedicated in-house designers who can craft captivating video ads that will ensure your business will get recognised. Add to that our experience of managing social media, we can build a strategy that targets the masses on various social platforms and maintain their attention with noticeable video content.

With video marketing being an ever-growing tool for social media, don’t miss the opportunity to grow the exposure of your business, through this strategy with VerriBerri Marketing Essex.

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