YouTube for Personal Trainers

YouTube should be utilised by personal trainers

Over time, we at VerriBerri, media company Essex, have emphasised the importance of social media for a host of businesses, which also includes personal trainers, where the use of social media allows your PT brand to connect with the local community and grow your clientele. One social media channel that has not been examined in … Read moreYouTube for Personal Trainers

Marketing To Children – The Do’s and Don’ts

Marketing Essex

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you are a kids brand looking to raise awareness of your brand and you’re right to be considering the ethics affecting marketing to children! After all, companies who need to connect with younger, vulnerable audiences could face backlash if they were to mess up on their marketing. However, you … Read moreMarketing To Children – The Do’s and Don’ts

Your Hotel Could Benefit from Blogging

Blogging for hotels is essential

Promotional aspects of your business, can prove very difficult to get right. Your main focus should of course be your marketing and PR strategies, however to develop further success for your hotel business, it can be beneficial to implement blogging into your strategy. Blogging for the sake of blogging will have no benefit to your … Read moreYour Hotel Could Benefit from Blogging

SEO for Personal Trainers

SEO is needed for personal trainers

When it comes to searching for a new business or service to use, Google is the ideal platform to research competitors of an industry and make a calculated decision on which company to use. With over 40,000 search queries every second alone, Google has now monopolised the search engine market, therefore if you have a … Read moreSEO for Personal Trainers

Social Media Marketing is Beneficial for your Restaurant

Restaurant should adopt social media

Although Marketing and PR are essentially the main objectives to enable success for your restaurant business; social media can prove to be an essential marketing tool to complete the jigsaw, gaining a wider perspective on the more personal and direct method of connecting with current customers, and reaching out to new customers. Start-up restaurant social … Read moreSocial Media Marketing is Beneficial for your Restaurant

Don’t Let Discount Trends Deceive

Black Friday shoppers weren't busy this year

Over the course of the entire weekend, the Black Friday trend made its way over to the UK for a seventh successive year. Adopted from our US counterparts, this weekend offers up an array of deals and discounts for everything from clothing to the latest technology brands. The hype is quite unbelievable, with shoppers often … Read moreDon’t Let Discount Trends Deceive

Personal Training: The Power of Social Media Marketing

social media is important for personal trainers

We recently looked at the benefits that local promotion can have for your fitness and personal training brand. Although we focussed on the more direct approach of email marketing, social media is another tool that is highly effective for this sector. Social media for personal trainers You’d have to search far and wide to find … Read morePersonal Training: The Power of Social Media Marketing

Marketing Needs for Your Hotel Business

Marketing is necessary for hotels to ensure exposure is maximised.

Earlier in the week, we spoke about how PR can positively affect your hotel business, reaping the rewards in what can be a very competitive industry. However, your hotel’s marketing also needs to be proficient in order to push for the most publicity possible. Christmas is coming up, meaning creating a marketing strategy for your hotel … Read moreMarketing Needs for Your Hotel Business

Our Top Tips for Christmas Pop Up Marketing

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Christmas is only a matter of days away now which means countless winter wonderlands, festive shopping evenings and Christmas markets. Thousands of people flock to these events every year to find the perfect decoration or that last minute gift. If you’re the owner of a small boutique or trinket shop, now is the perfect opportunity … Read moreOur Top Tips for Christmas Pop Up Marketing

Proficient PR for your Restaurant

PR is essential for restaurants

Just recently, we spoke about the importance of marketing for your restaurant. Whilst marketing is hugely effective for your restaurant, PR can be equally as advantageous when building brand recognition, and is essential for the success of your restaurant business. Why your restaurant needs online PR Your restaurant’s image is the prime focus of your … Read moreProficient PR for your Restaurant