Leisure Centre Website Design

Leisure centre website design Essex

Most customers are likely to find your leisure centre through search engines, therefore the website in which they land on needs to create the best possible first impression for your leisure centre. Leisure centre websites When building a website, you are going to want to put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers; what … Read moreLeisure Centre Website Design

Leisure Centres need more Exposure

Essex PR for leisure centres is essential

For businesses such as a leisure centres, it can be very difficult to maintain a continuous flow of customers. Gaining exposure for your leisure centre is very important, due to the fact that customers are likely to dip in and out of using your services. However, most companies simply do not have the available time … Read moreLeisure Centres need more Exposure

Social Media is Essential for Cafes

Social media marketing is a requirement for cafes

Social media is very important in order to target the right audiences in the appropriate manner, especially when you’re own such a social business, like a cafe. Social media marketing is perfect for connecting with your audience on a personal level, as well as having the ability to spread the awareness of your brand, placing … Read moreSocial Media is Essential for Cafes

Marketing for your Cafe

Hospitality marketing Essex for cafes

For cafe’s it can be difficult to maintain customer retention on a regular, day-in day-out basis, due to not only being in such a competitive industry, but also because customers only spend about 30 minutes on average using the service. Therefore, the need for marketing needs to be at the very top of your cafes … Read moreMarketing for your Cafe

Poundland’s Naughty Elf Campaign

Poundland's elf campaign, Essex PR success

It’s the time of year where retailers strive to get ahead of the competition with innovative campaigns. VerriBerri marketing agency in Essex have already spoken about John Lewis’ annual advertisement and how it fell rather flat however, over the last couple of weeks, there has been a social media campaign that has taken the nation … Read morePoundland’s Naughty Elf Campaign

Leisure Centre – Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing for leisure centres

Social media is a perfect way to keep your customers in the know, as well as appeal to new customers. It is a way of connecting with your customers to remind them of your presence, making it more likely for them to take part in your service. Why social media marketing is essential Social media … Read moreLeisure Centre – Social Media Marketing

Using Instagram for Your Kids Fashion Brand

Marketing and PR for kids

We often talk about social media and immediately think of Facebook and Twitter, but how often do you think about what you’re posting on your Instagram? If your answer is ‘Never!’, you need to start thinking about an Instagram strategy for your brand in 2018. Instagram is an important tool; reaching over 700 million users … Read moreUsing Instagram for Your Kids Fashion Brand

Facebook Marketing with VerriBerri, Digital Agency Essex

With regulations changing you need to update your Facebook marketing

Social media is a key element to any marketing strategy these days and if you do not engage with it, then you need to do so right away. There are a plethora of platforms to choose from now, from conversational Twitter to more image-centred Pinterest. However, Facebook is still the most used channel, so marketing … Read moreFacebook Marketing with VerriBerri, Digital Agency Essex

Marketing for your Leisure Centre

Marketing must be utilised by leisure centres.

The new year is just around the corner, meaning that most individuals will want to take more care of themselves to take advantage of the ‘new year, new me’ concept. Therefore, this could present a great opportunity to get your leisure centre marketing strategy underway, essential for getting ahead of your competitors in such a … Read moreMarketing for your Leisure Centre

YouTube is Essential for your Bar

YouTube for bars is a necessity.

Social media marketing is very important when it comes to building your bar’s exposure. Not only that, but bar or drinking channels on YouTube are in fact sparse, presenting a potential gap in the market for your bar. Why use YouTube? YouTube alongside other social media marketing channels, are a great way to connect with … Read moreYouTube is Essential for your Bar