Why a fashion pr agency is vital for your brand

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Why a fashion pr agency is vital for your brand

Are you looking for a fashion brand PR agency?

VerriBerri have eleven years of experience merging fashion and marketing to produce amazing results for our clients.

There are five methods of marketing that we would suggest for best results. These services are as follows:

Fashion Social Media Services 

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Creative social media marketing will enhance your brand recognition and reputation. A well-presented social presence means people will trust your brand. Equally, if your account is ill thought out will no theme or poor-quality images, with a low following, people are immediately less inclined to buy from your brand. 

Our fashion brand PR agency understand that social media can be overwhelming. Lots of people disregard this marketing discipline as something they don’t need, simply because they either don’t have the time, or they don’t know how to use it properly. 

What are the benefits of using social media to promote a fashion brand? 

  • Increased traffic to your store or website
  • Improved SEO value
  • Better brand awareness
  • Higher conversion rates
  • An advantage over your competitors

As far as we’re concerned, social media channels were made for fashion brands. Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are highly visual platforms; which provides you with the perfect way to display your items either through video, graphics, or photographs. In fact, social media for fashion brands is such a lengthy topic, we wanted to create a blog focused soley around this topic.

Fashion Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing is intrinsically linked with social media marketing. If you’re promoting your brand on platforms such as Instagram, you’re in a prime position to work alongside influencers to collaborate on a project. Studies show that in 2019, almost half of UK marketing departments were using influencers in their campaigns. Furthermore, 10% of marketing spend in 2019 was on this method. 

Another survey found that 34% of daily Instagram users had bought an item they had seen an influencer wearing. However it’s not just Instagram, 25% of Facebook users buy based on influencers and 29% of Twitter consumers. 

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When utilising influencer marketing you can also choose if you post on stories, your grid, or their grid. It’s a very flexible social platform that our fashion brand PR agency strongly recommend using. The swipe up feature is now also available to any accounts with just 10,000 followers. As with any method of marketing, you will of course have to consider your audience. Instagram is an excellent platform for 95% of fashion brands; however, if you are selling a niche item to the over 80’s gentleman, it’s not the platform for you. 

However, it doesn’t just end there. Influencer marketing can spread into PR (more on PR as a whole later.) You collaborate with celebrities or influencers to wear your items in public and you’ll quickly find people asking where that particular product came from. 

VerriBerri have a strong base of influencer and celebrity connections. When you work with us we can create a relationship between you and them to help your brand exposure increase exponentially. 

Fashion Content Marketing Services 

Fashion content tends to lean toward the visual element. It could be an article on a website or in a blog, but either way you can guarantee there will be an abundance of images to support the related content. Just make sure every image you post is high quality. Fashion is all about image so having low quality, or blurry photos will damage your brand. 

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Many fashion brands have a blog on their website, as it’s generally considered standard practice. Not only does this work as a way of providing worth to your customers, but it is invaluable for your SEO. You can be creative within your blog, for example, you could talk about travel and fashion, food and fashion, caring for clothing… there’s a world of content out there just waiting for you to write it! 

When you partake in fashion content marketing, we would advise that everything you create ties back to your brand message. For example, if you pride yourself on ethically sourced cotton, you should make sure this message is entwined into the content you produce. 

Our fashion brand PR agency strongly recommends implementing video into your content marketing strategy too, as they tell a story that words and stills just can’t. 64% of people buy an item after seeing the marketing video. You can share this on your social media channels in addition to your website so don’t miss out on this highly effective method. 

Fashion SEO Services

If you’re sick of all your competitors getting the sales, you will want to consider SEO. When it comes to fashion and the internet; it’s difficult. You’re working within a saturated market, so you’ll need a specialist agency who knows what they are doing.

SEO in itself isn’t just one thing, although you can read about it by clicking here. SEO is an amalgamation of techniques which come together to increase your websites rankings and thereby, sales. 

SEO can be expensive, but we are great at getting results without the budget spiralling out of control. 

For every brand that launches successfully, there’s five that fail. Sometimes this is down to a lack of understanding where SEO is concerned. If you have no digital strategy, there is no way people will find you. 

Don’t become a statistic. Get in touch with our Fashion SEO agency to find out how we can help. 

Fashion Digital PR Services

Last, but certainly not least, is something our fashion brand PR agency love. 

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VerriBerri establish the key target audience for your band and use our extensive contacts list to gain you placements in the media. 

We are a leading digital PR agency in London and Essex but work all over the UK. We are experts in building exposure for you and ensuring people want to be seen wearing your items. 

We know what creative pitches to write and who to send them to in order to gain you the most exposure possible. It’s standard for fashion magazines to plan content up to six months in advance too; so instantaneous publications in industry specific media outlets is rare.

Contact us 

If you found this interesting, why not get in touch with our fashion brand PR agency? We work with businesses in the UK and USA. With eleven years of experience in the marketing industry, when you work with us you can be sure you will succeed. 

Every client has a strategy created which is entirely bespoke to them. Furthermore, we create a scope of work which outlines targets and goals we will achieve. This is signed prior to the start of our work together, meaning you know exactly what to expect and know that success is guaranteed.