Why Verriberri Is The Perfect PR Company For Your Food Business

Food marketing Essex

All new businesses are strongly advised to develop a business plan.However, just as important is a dedicated marketing plan.This will ensure you maintain  brand awareness and capitalise on customer loyalty. Did you know that more than 92% of business to customer companies use content marketing? If you are thinking that you have neither the skills nor … Read moreWhy Verriberri Is The Perfect PR Company For Your Food Business

Influencer Marketing

Marketing and PR for kids

Are influencers as instrumental in marketing as we think? Social media marketing is the biggest form of advertisement for businesses. With 2017 seeing a surge in influencer marketing. In fact, studies have shown that 81% of consumers make a buying decision based on influencer marketing. What’s more, 94% of marketing professionals consider influencer marketing to … Read moreInfluencer Marketing

Content creation and campaigns for the B2B market.

Content creation

Developing a campaign and the associated thought provoking content marketing that ensures it is a success can be a challenge when working in a B2B environment. As with any results driven campaign, you will need to create a plan that shows you are an expert in your field whilst showing your personality. In some settings … Read moreContent creation and campaigns for the B2B market.

Essex Restaurant PR: Is it really worth it?

PR Agency Essex

Is your key goal to build your brand awareness? Then PR is definitely calling, here’s why! Essex restaurant PR generates news coverage, which then results in credibility. Without credibility, your restaurant wouldn’t have a leg to stand on, as the brand reputation you portray would simply be worthless! Essentially, the objective behind Essex restaurant PR … Read moreEssex Restaurant PR: Is it really worth it?

Marketing Kids Brands Online: What New Challenges Will You Face?

PR for Kids

Children face many online dangers including pornography, sexual grooming, and online trolls. These threats are growing as a result of their evolving digital behavior. Therefore, it should be no surprise when we say online PR and marketing comes with a number of strict safety restrictions. Since the dawn of the Internet, the Children’s Online Privacy … Read moreMarketing Kids Brands Online: What New Challenges Will You Face?

How emotions play a part in a viral content marketing strategy.

How Instagram is key to social media marketing

Think about the moment before you hit ‘share’ or ‘retweet’. Why are you distributing that piece of content? What is going through your mind? The chances are you are sharing something that has made you laugh, cry, wince or gasp. Whatever the reason behind it one thing’s for sure, you felt a strong emotion of … Read moreHow emotions play a part in a viral content marketing strategy.

Essex Restaurant Marketing Design Ideas

Essex Restaurant Marketing Design Ideas

You’ve heard of ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ right? Well, this isn’t completely true when it comes to your customers… they most certainly DO judge a book by its cover when it comes to choosing a restaurant. Be aware that you will be inspected throughout your website, your social media presence and most … Read moreEssex Restaurant Marketing Design Ideas

Why Do You NEED a Restaurant PR Agency?

Marketing Agency Essex

What do eight maggots, a human tooth and one-inch nails all have in common? I know, it’s a tricky one – but believe it or not, all of these disgusting things were found in food bought from supermarkets and restaurants. In fact, just last week, Aldi had to remove thousands of frozen mixed vegetable packs … Read moreWhy Do You NEED a Restaurant PR Agency?

Social Media Marketing Essex

Instagram growth social media marketing

Does your business need social media marketing? If your business needs help with its social media marketing you could do well to outsource to an agency like ours. Why? Because Social media can be a valuable asset to your company which can increase brand recognition, reputation, customer relations and of course, your turnover. As such, … Read moreSocial Media Marketing Essex

PR and marketing for Kids

PR for child based businesses

As we are sure you are aware the VerriBerri team carry out a lot marketing and PR work for brands aimed at babies, children and teens. The Office for National Statistics released new figures this week and the results were telling. Females have a significantly higher preference for more expensive, branded makeup and shampoo than … Read morePR and marketing for Kids