My First Week of Work Experience at Verriberri

My First Week of Work Experience at Verriberri

I have just completed my first week, out of two, of work experience at VerriBerri. Whilst a little older than the majority of their work experience students I jumped at the chance when offered this placement by Sarah, the managing director.

If you have ever watched the film ‘The Intern’ starring Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway you will get some idea of my situation. I have run a successful food business for over twenty years and even won a business award at The Newsquest Business Awards back in the day. However, writing and working as a copywriter is what I have wanted to pursue for a while now. As such I have decided that whilst it is late – about thirty years to be precise – since I worked in an office, it is never too late to follow your dreams so that is what I am doing.

February is proving quite a change so far, getting back into a nine to five lifestyle has been easier than I expected and even a forty-minute commute by road has not deterred me from doing this. In my other life, my business is five minutes away from home and I can decide my own hours.

My first day.

As you can imagine this was quite a steep learning curve. The team at Verriberri are lovely and very friendly which helped enormously. Sarah showed me to a desk and assigned me a computer. I think I managed to mask the horror I felt when I saw the shiny Apple Mac that was to be my partner for the next two weeks, completely different to what I am used to!

What have I enjoyed the most so far?

So far, I have learnt about brainstorming pitches, contacting journalists and writing up articles that have been accepted. The office is split into various responsibilities: PR, Design, SEO and content writing and it is interesting to see the dynamics of everyone working on their specific tasks.

The plan for my second week?

I hope to learn more about SEO and keywords and how I can enhance articles and website content for clients by optimising copy so that it ranks highly on the internet.

The atmosphere here is very inclusive and Sarah has created a culture of team work and nurturing. I have learnt so much already and look forward to whatever this second week brings too.

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