5 VerriBerri tips for planning an opening event

5 VerriBerri tips for planning an opening event

Once all the hard work has been put into starting a business, a lot of business owners decide what they need to bring everything together is a launch event. Having people there to take pictures of your product and advertise your opening for you is a brilliant way to kick-start your excellent reputation. It also gives people the chance to see more of what you’re about.

Whether you own a restaurant, fashion brand or shop, at VerriBerri, we start planning your launch event in advance. Our experience with PR in Essex means we have a good list of contacts and we know the right audience for you. Our marketing and content team can then promote the event on social media before and after. Here’s how we can help:

1 – Venue

We know how important the venue is to a launch event. It should be on brand, attractive enough that people want to take photos and also have enough room for people to mingle and access some food and drink! When it comes to restaurant marketing, even though the event will be hosted in your own venue, we can make the most of the space and work with you to make it stand out.

2 – Guests

As an Essex PR agency, we have a good list of contacts for businesses and can get hold of people in the local area. When it comes to planning a launch event, our team start contacting the right people early, from influencers to local newspapers. This means that during your event, you can rest assured that the event is getting the right coverage and pictures and reviews will be shared on social media and in the local news, so that everyone knows about it.

3 – Interactive

Whatever kind of business you are opening, having an interactive element to the event will ensure that guests stay engaged and interested. If you’re opening a restaurant, we recommend a cooking demonstration or cocktail making in front of the guests. For other businesses, letting guests hold the product (or even trying them on if it’s clothes) will generate conversation and get people thinking about how they will review it!

4 – Catering

When we know what you’re looking for, our team will start researching early to get the best options possible that work within your budget. When we know the nature of the event, we can then work out what types of food will be suitable or what will appeal to your audience.

5 – Make it worthwhile

If we invite influencers, we know that coming to the event must be worth their while as well. Luckily, with over ten years of experience, we know how to make your event memorable and how to keep it on-brand. For example, an Instagrammer is going to want somewhere to take good pictures for their feed, while a blogger will need to something to write about that is blog-worthy.

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