Social Media Marketing Ideas for Hospitality Brands

Social Media Marketing Ideas for Hospitality Brands

When raising awareness of your cafe or restaurant, it can be hard to make your brand stand out – especially with 83,634 other restaurants and mobile food services in the UK. That’s where excellent social media marketing and effective digital campaigns comes in!

At VerriBerri Marketing and PR, we work with hospitality brands to help spread the word about their brand using our knowledge of social media targeting and campaign delivery methods.

We asked our social media marketing team for their very best social media campaign ideas so you can get an idea of the innovative and unique ideas we can deliver for you:

Regularly Use Customer-Generated Content.

Nowadays, who isn’t tempted to take a quick snap of their dinner before they eat it? Social media has become the place for sharing all your very best food photos and you can take advantage of this. Encourage customers to share pictures of the dishes on their social media channels – you can offer incentives such as a discount for everyone who does. When you acknowledge these posts, you are creating valuable brand ambassadors who are likely to share again, which is essentially free marketing to all their followers.

Start a #TeamPicks.

If you’re boutique hotel, you may ask yourself ‘how do I get my name out there on social media with all the other big chains around?’ How about getting your staff involved in a fun social media activity! Ask them to share ‘local recommendations’ for your followers i.e. where to eat, what to do and must-sees. Not only is this interactive for your staff but followers are likely to engage with this content!

One-off Discounts and Offers for Social Media Users.

For coffee shops going up against giants like Starbucks and Costa, it’s all about making your social media presence as friendly and welcoming as possible. Why not encourage followers to pop-down with exclusive offers and discounts for anyone who follows you? This will help you reach lots of new customers as well as bagging you some regulars!

Go Behind The Scenes.

There’s nothing more important to a customer than trust, and this is especially true when it comes to restaurants. Give customers a sneak peek into the inner-workings of your restaurant with ‘behind the scenes’ photos. This could be photos of you meeting with your local produce suppliers, your staff outings and the preparation behind one of your dishes.

If you’re looking to make the most of your social media channels with the help of the VerriBerri team in Essex, get in touch with our content and social media marketing team on 01376 386850.

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