A First Person Account on Work Experience with our Marketing & PR Agency

A First Person Account on Work Experience with our Marketing & PR Agency

Here at VerriBerri, we encourage individuals to get in touch with us for work experience. We enjoy inviting new people into the office, giving them a chance to see for themselves what we get up to on a day to day basis and learn a little more about the working environment that our team thrive in.

This week we have been joined by the lovely Holly who is currently studying marketing at the University of Portsmouth. We asked her to tell us what she has been up to so far, how she has found the work and generally the team overall.

After organising my work experience with VerriBerri many months ago, I had been eager to come into the office and get a hands-on experience of the marketing industry.

Not knowing what to expect, I was met by a lovely team of people hard at work, who were happy to involve me and talk me through what they are getting up to in their busy schedules.

To begin with I joined the PR team, I was given the task of familiarising myself with the very diverse clientele that VerriBerri work with. After even just small amounts of research, I realised quickly that I would be finding my time here very interesting. I was not familiar of the roles within a PR team but I really enjoyed seeing how much interaction and communication is involved. Very quickly I realised that I could see myself in a similar role after completing my degree.

I was then given the job of writing a blog for one of their clients, a specialist electrical safety equipment company. As you can imagine, this definitely wasnt what I was expecting to be writing about on my first day! However, willing to give it a try, I was straight onto their website and surprisingly I found myself very interested in the industry and enjoyed writing the piece.

I have enjoyed learning about the responsibilities involved with SEO and content writing, something which I had never learnt before. I find the need for optimising content to feature highly on google rankings very interesting and I hope to continue expanding my knowledge in this area.

I am very much looking forward to seeing what the rest of my week with the enthusiastic VerriBerri team brings, so I’m able to build my confidence in the working world.”

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