5 Tactics You Need to Include in Your Hospitality Marketing Plan

5 Tactics You Need to Include in Your Hospitality Marketing Plan

Are you a small B&B in the English countryside looking to get your name out there? Or perhaps you’re a brand new, glamorous hotel in London. Either way, it’s time to implement a marketing and PR strategy for your hotel so you can start raising awareness of your brand.

At VerriBerri Marketing and PR, Essex, our team have put together a list of marketing strategies you should include in your plan:

  1. Make it personal. With advancements in technology and data systems, guests know you can personalise their entire experience. Therefore, there’s no excuse not to understand the guests’ preferences and deliver their individual needs.

    Statistics have shown that over 80% of online customers say they would be open to switching loyalties if they found a service that better catered for their needs. With this in mind, you can use the data you collect from your hotel’s website and booking engine to develop an understanding of your guest booking behaviour, purchase habits and amenity preferences.

  2. Use social media wisely. For too long social media has been a playground for businesses to sell their products – and why wouldn’t they? Facebook alone has more than two billion monthly users. In fact, the platform has more than 50 million small business pages currently active.

    If social sites are where consumers are most active, it makes sense to also be extremely active in this space. However, it’s important you use the social media freedom to create unique and creative content to capture attention (for all the right reasons!)

  3. Stay mobile. Believe it or not, but mobile is one of the strongest marketplaces for booking travel arrangements. According to Google, 51% of smartphone owners use their device for travel-related activities so a mobile presence is a necessity for your hotel. After all, people have less time to sit at home and research it via their desktop computer.
  4. Stick to what works but don’t be afraid to experiment. Don’t forget about classic marketing methods such as email marketing. It’s still one of the hotel industries best options for a good return on investment and two-thirds of consumers prefer to hear from you via email.

    Email marketing allows for direct contact, better targeting and a more strategic approach with regard to content. When used effectively, guests will look forward to receiving your emails and engaging with you.

  5. Keep an eye on reviews. In the last couple of years, recent data has shown that travellers who visited both hotel and OTA sites fell from 40% to 30%, while those visiting only OTA websites rose from 48% to 60%.

    By optimising your OTA profile, not only will it help you to accept more bookings, but it will also allow you to promote the positive reviews you receive. Once you have reviews, you should try and respond to them in an appropriate manner. It has been found that 80% of travellers consider online reviews when they book.

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