Making Sure Your Hotel’s Marketing is Ready for Summer

Making Sure Your Hotel’s Marketing is Ready for Summer

The summer holidays are fast approaching, for the hospitality sector that means getting prepared for the busiest season of the year. It goes without saying that this is the time for hotels to make some money, as families and individuals flock in their thousands to holiday destinations, taking some much-needed time to relax. At this time of year, the hospitality sector becomes very competitive; ensuring that you get ahead of the game is vital in winning over prospects. When it comes down to it, your hotel needs to be at the front of the customers minds to get them through the doors. This is only achieved by having a strong hospitality brand that is marketed well.

At VerriBerri we have over ten years’ experience with hospitality marketing in Essex and understand what it takes to get your hotel at the top of places to visit. By using a full marketing strategy; we are able to combine hospitality marketing techniques with hospitality PR; to achieve a much wider reach to your target audience.


Your brand is vital. There is no point branding your hotel as a travel lodge if you are a country estate charging £200 a night. The right brand should just flow through the business everything from décor to website should feed back to the brand; avoiding any confusion for the customers. When done successfully even a certain colour theme or font can remind people of that hotel.

Digital Marketing

With more people booking hotel rooms online with the ease of apps and google searches; it is important to have a clear and easy to use website that can climb up on the search engines, achieving organic SEO. This can only be accomplished by constant online engagement; as well as the use of key words running through your hotels website in the form of engaging content such as blogs. By outsourcing this to a hospitality marketing agency you get access to experts who understand how to achieve organic SEO.


By having positive PR that keeps in line with your brand you are going to send out a more established look to your customers. If people have read about your hotel in a magazine or news-paper in a positive way; then they are much more likely to stay at and trust the hotel. By using a hospitality PR agency; you will not only have professionals sending pitches to numerous media outlets you also have the spare time to do what you do best and run your hotel.

If you would like to know more about how VerriBerri Hospitality PR in Essex can help you achieve a successful, seasonal market and PR strategy call our friendly staff today on 01376 386850.

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