Why Missguided is ‘Cracking On’ With Love Island

Why Missguided is ‘Cracking On’ With Love Island

Psst! We’re about to talk about Love Island, so if you’re not interested in all things reality TV, it’s probably best to click off now.

ITV’s hit reality TV show, Love Island, is back on our screens – there’s never been so much excitement in the VerriBerri PR & Marketing Essex office! As usual, there’s lots of drama, lots of fake tan and lots of gorgeous outfits (that we’re all jealous of, admit it!) You may be wondering how on earth they could afford all of these fabulous clothes – especially before going into the villa.

Well, we have a secret to tell you. The producers of Love Island have partnered up with brands such as Superdrug and Missguided, which are usually promoted during the ads. These brands have also provided the lucky contestants with all the beauty products and clothing they need for their stay in the villa. Making them Missguided’s very own walking, talking and drama-causing mannequins. Therefore, it’s unsurprising to see reports of Missguided’s sales boom over the last few weeks.

Following an interview with Marketing Week, Missguided have reported that their sales spike by around 40% between 7pm and midnight; when the show airs. With a target audience of 16 to 29 year old females, Missguided did well to choose Love Island as a partner – a show that draws 3.4 million viewers of a similar demographic.

Aside from Instagram, chief customer officer, Kenyatte Nelson has stated: “nothing allows it [the brand] to reach its core 16 to 29-year-old female audience with the same efficiency as Love Island.”

With Missguided and Love Island “coupling up”, it just goes to show the potential for other brands and TV shows to work together.

Marketing Brands

At VerriBerri, Marketing & PR, Essex we can see the full potential for other clothing brands and beauty brands to partner up with big-name TV shows and online video channels. For example, if you are a kids brand looking to raise awareness for your clothing brand, there are plenty of celebrity Mums with reality TV shows of their own. Or online parent bloggers who would love to receive children’s clothing!

If you want to find out how VerriBerri, Marketing & PR Essex, can help raise awareness of your brand, get in touch with our team in Essex on 01376 386850.

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