VerriBerri PR & Marketing – Essex Launches  ‘SHE’ Campaign

VerriBerri PR & Marketing – Essex Launches ‘SHE’ Campaign

Today sees the launch of VerriBerri’s ‘SHE’ campaign which strives to support and encourage gender equality in the workplace. It’s a cause everyone in our team feels strongly about.

In November 2017, it was revealed by the Hampton-Alexander review that only 28% of leaders in business are women. While researchers have noted a major drop in the number of top companies with the all-male board, many huge companies are refusing to improve the equality of their boards – providing excuses such as ‘I don’t think women fit comfortably into the board environment.’

Astonished by the results from the latest review, VerriBerri decided it was time to make a change, or at least, encourage the conversation about how the situation could be improved.

After much deliberation (and lots of cups of coffee), the team at VerriBerri had a lightbulb moment – the idea of the ‘SHE’ campaign. Standing for Support Her Excellence, our brand-new campaign will strive to:

Raise awareness for women in male-dominated industries.

Male-dominated industries and occupations such as engineering and tech make it significantly harder for women to excel. Senior leadership teams that are dominated by men also set the tone for talent management norms, this influences promotion and development opportunities.

We want to raise awareness of the achievements by women in these sectors and break the unnecessary barriers that prevent women progressing.

End the stigma surrounding working mothers.

Women often have to make extremely difficult decisions during their careers and the fight to find that work and family balance should not be something that is questioned or scalded. The decision to raise your children and leave a job you love behind can be a hard one. Equally,  ‘Mum guilt’ can set in should you go back to work after having children.

Women should be able to make these decisions without pressures or the worry of judgement from society.

Change the perceptions of women in the workplace

It’s time to change the negative perceptions of women we find in the workplace – starting with the word ‘bossy’. Unfortunately, when a woman asserts herself, whether it’s in the playground or in the office, she is often called “bossy”. Yet when a boy does it, he is a “leader”.

With the ‘SHE’ campaign, we will encourage positive attitudes surrounding women and their achievements – most importantly tackling and challenging the language used when discussing women in the workplace.

If you want to get involved with the campaign, use the hashtag #SHE on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram or get in touch with the team at VerriBerri on 01376 386850 for more information.

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