Social Media Marketing: Snapchat Overtakes Facebook As Teens ‘Favourite Social Networking Platform’

Social Media Marketing: Snapchat Overtakes Facebook As Teens ‘Favourite Social Networking Platform’

With data scandals and changes to algorithms, Facebook has officially lost its ‘cool’ with teens and young adults. That’s right – the “king” of all social media platforms has officially lost its big boy status with the younger generations. Instead, photo-messaging app, Snapchat is set to overtake it as the digital hangout of choice, as Mark Zuckerberg’s social media site struggles to remain relevant to teens.

According to the latest findings from eMarketer, Snapchat roared passed Facebook in 2016 as the most popular social platform amongst teens. They expect that Snapchat will continue to add 1.2 million new teen users by 2022 while Facebook will lose 2.2 million users at that time. For the first time ever, the famous dog-filter platform will rank ahead of Facebook.

At VerriBerri – PR & Marketing Essex, we asked our social media marketing team what their thoughts are about the Facebook vs Snapchat debate. Here’s what they had to say about the two social media sites:

Back in the very beginning of Snapchat, the platform was revolutionary for a generation who were used to well-written statuses. Snapchat offered something new and something more than relying on statuses to illustrate what you wanted to say. As the platform became popular, it grew with its mass amount of users. One of Snapchat’s first features was giving people AR filters that altered your face – who didn’t love the rainbow pouring out of your mouth filter?

While Snapchat offered something far enough away from the usual offerings of Facebook, since then the latter has tried to up its game. Just recently, Facebook introduced a ‘Stories’ feature which also offers you AR filters and much more. However, anyone who uses Facebook knows that the feature hasn’t been particularly popular with its users – when was the last time you saw anyone upload to their Facebook stories.

However, Facebook really smashed it when they bought out Instagram and implemented Snapchat-like features such as the stories function. When Instagram Stories first appeared, most people were skeptical, thinking it was another Snapchat rip-off. But weren’t we all wrong?

For the social media marketing team at VerriBerri, we believe Snapchat died out when Instagram stories offered similar functionalities and provided more potential appearing in front of new audiences.

For advertisers and marketers, the news that Snapchat is overtaking Facebook as the teen platform of choice means you may rush to start using Snapchat. However, we don’t think this is a good idea.

As a platform, Snapchat is still far too clunky and adverts are far to apparent. When it comes to adverts on Snapchat, users tend to automatically swipe away from an ad. However, Instagram have a more sophisticated way of implementing advertisements into your Instagram Stories.

Our advice for marketers and advertisers is that you need to get clever if you’re going to advertise to these 18-25-year-olds on the funky-photo-feature-platform. If they’re on Snapchat and not Instagram, there must be a reason so why not play on that!

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