How to Market a Small Vineyard or Winery

How to Market a Small Vineyard or Winery

With the craft alcohol industry booming over the last few years, competition for small local vineyards has become more intense than ever before! It has sadly started to get to the point where the quality of the product can easily be overlooked, just because the vineyard that created it is unable to successfully build a loyal following or market their product effectively.

Here at VerriBerri, a digital marketing agency in Essex that specialises in hospitality PR and marketing in Essex, our team have been looking into the competitive world of alcohol marketing and have compiled a list of some of their top tips for marketing a small vineyard in a big industry.


To create a truly successful hospitality PR and marketing campaign for your vineyard, you must first develop a detailed marketing strategy that you can refer to. Your marketing strategy should include some of the following:

  • Who your target audience is.
  • How and where you are going to reach them.
  • What your budget is.
  • How to carry your brand message through to your target audience. 

Tell a story not a sales pitch

Social media can be a fantastic tool to use for food and drink PR and marketing, you just have to use it right. If you have an Instagram account, make sure that your pictures say a thousand words. Taking photographs of the vineyard, staff, and products throughout the year will tell your story. The more your followers see your amazing posts the more they will want to be part of that story. People engage with great visual graphics and photos so try and leave any sales talk in the caption but be light with it and trust that your photos or story will bring the customers to you.

Use what you have

If you have the space to invite the general public into your vineyard for wine tasting, afternoon teas or even a tour then you should definitely begin to utilise this opportunity. Opening as a tourist attraction not only funnels potential customers into your winery it also spreads the word of your brand and product. Encourage people to take photos of their visits and post them on social media so that their friends and followers all hear about your business.

If you would like to know more on how VerriBerri digital marketing Essex can help your vineyard with its hospitality PR and marketing, contact our friendly team today on 01376 386850.

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