Sports PR and Marketing: 3 Ways to Engage with Your Fans

Sports PR and Marketing: 3 Ways to Engage with Your Fans

There is a new generation of sports fans who are changing the way clubs approach sports PR and marketing and they are not even aware they are doing it. The way the modern sports fan watches, engages and reviews their favourite team’s latest activity, has meant sports PR and marketing teams have had to get more creative with the way they engage with the supporters.

In a world where we can just move from platform to platform 24/7 to access a constant stream of content, it is more vital than ever to ensure that the content is seen as valuable and engaging.

Here at Verriberri, a PR agency for sports clubs, our content marketing Essex based team has compiled three ways to ensure your sports PR and marketing is engaging with fans.

Be visual

Sports fans love to share content with other fans and friends. Be sure to create as much visual content as possible, whether it be a highlight video reel from the last game or statistics of each player laid out in a striking graphic that can be shared across social media platforms. By creating this type of content, you are given the fans the tools to go and spread the word about your club.

People are always on the go

This new wave of fans does not have a lot of time to sit there and read through dense articles on their favourite team or club. Instead, the modern fan absorbs their information in smaller chunks, mostly finding content on their mobile devices. With this in mind try to write blog-style pieces on the latest news for the club, this will catch their eye and gets to the point quickly and clearly.

Social media

Social media is an amazing marketing platform for so many businesses and the sporting world is no different. With so many fans looking for bite-size content creating a loyal digital following is vital in gaining positive exposure. By creating great social media content for your followers and fans you will see more people spreading the word online and building positive sports PR for the club and players.

If you would like to know more on how VerriBerri, sports PR, can help you effectively engage with your fans and supporters, then contact our friendly, professional team on 01376 386850.