Three Restaurants With 5* Social Media Marketing Strategies

Three Restaurants With 5* Social Media Marketing Strategies

Social media is transforming the way people communicate, think and market. As such, it’s becoming even more important for restaurants to engage with their audience on social media platforms. Yet, while most restaurateurs agree that social media is an important aspect of marketing their business, there is little time spent on connecting and engaging with their audience.

According to recent research by TripAdvisor, over half of UK restaurants spend less than 10% of their time on marketing. A further 12% of restaurants had a role dedicated to marketing and public relations.

With social media marketing appearing as a seemingly low priority for many restaurant owners, VerriBerri – Marketing & PR Essex want you to understand the benefits of spending time on social media marketing.

Our social media marketing and content team have put together a list of restaurants who are killing it on social media so you can learn from their success:

1. Nando’s 

Despite residing in a heavily saturated market, Nando’s has quickly become one of the most popular and well-known restaurants in the UK.

With nearly 1.5m followers on Twitter and 4.2m likes on Facebook, its successful social media strategy has contributed to Nando’s success in the fast food market. The Afro-Portuguese restaurant has run integrated social campaigns to help generate engagement and loyalty.

Some of its best examples are encouraging customers to share their experience at the restaurants on social media with campaigns such as the ‘finger selfies’ campaign. This social media marketing campaign involved customers tweeting a picture of their best finger selfie made using a Nando’s napkin. Customers could win a £20 gift card as an incentive to get involved.


2. Leon

Similar to Nando’s, Leon is a casual fast food chain that has seen rapid growth over the past few years because of social media marketing. The campaign that really kicked off success for Leon was their ‘Lean and Clean’ partnership with social media influencer Joe Wicks – also known as the Body Coach.

Building on the popular trend for ‘clean eating’ and general wellness, Leon positioned itself as a healthy alternative to your typical fast food restaurant. They took advantage of Joe’s growing audience on social media in order to create two fitness videos, which he posted to his own channels. Following on from this, Joe continued to post related content including new recipes and competitions, becoming a brand advocate for Leon.


3. Pan ‘n’ Ice

While not strictly a restaurant, start-up company Pan ‘n’ Ice (who operate from a van in Westfield – Stratford) are included in this list for their modern approach to marketing. They sell Thai-style ice cream known as Koh Phi Phi, which are ice cream rolls made on a metal plate.
There’s no doubt the ice cream itself is bound to be enjoyable, but the real appeal for its followers is how it’s made as they serve it right in front of the customer’s eyes. That’s exactly why social media has been integral to the brand’s success so far. On Instagram, Pan ‘n’ Ice post videos of the ice cream being created – some of which have been viewed over 100,000 times, which is pretty impressive considering the company is still pretty small.


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